Best TCL LED TVs in Pakistan

Best TCL LED TVs in Pakistan: Superior Picture Quality and Smart Features

The LED TV has changed the world of entertainment with its quality displays and features. Nowadays, it is hard to consider a home without a Smart TV.  With advancements in the latest technology, TV manufacturers launch different TV models that are recognized due to their unique features. TCL is one of those manufacturers that are known worldwide for their display technology. Recently, it has changed the paradigm of the world of entertainment with its innovative LED TV designs. It has been serving its customers for the last forty years. Like other countries of the world, TCL LED TVs in Pakistan are equally popular. In the past few years, it has launched the best TCL LED TVs in Pakistan. Although the TCL LED TV is equipped with the latest technology, these are budget-friendly for the users.

TCL LED TV features and specifications

TCL TV features and specificationsBuying a new LED TV is always a challenging decision to make. Awareness about the TV features and its technical specifications helps you to choose the best TV at affordable rates. Recently, TCL smart TV has been making headlines due to its user-friendly features. TCL LED features allow users to make it their first choice due to energy energy-efficient and budget-friendly design.

Screen Sizes

Screen size directly reflects the quality of the picture. Whether you are looking for a TV for your bedroom, kitchen, living room, or home theatre, TCL brings you the TV of every screen size that would fit in your every setting. It brings you all types of sizes ranging from small and standard to large home theater screens. You can find the TCL Smart LED TVs of 32 “, 43″, 50″, 55″,65” and above it.

TCL promises the display of quality pictures on the big screen with high resolution. TCL brings both LED and QLED TVs that are known for their immersive view and high resolution. The use of a Quantum Dot Light Emitting Diode ensures the production of a wide range of colors and contrast with more precision. QLED TV offers the best contrast ratio, refresh rate, and fast response time. In addition, QLED TV offers a larger view angle than the TCL LED. It means you can enjoy the same picture quality from any angle.

TCL LED TV reviews of users about different models reveal that this is the matchless display that enhances the doze of entertainment. Undoubtedly, the Latest LED television models ensure clear and crisp picture quality due to the use of advanced technology that makes them superior to traditional LED TVs. TCL ensures more color purity, a large viewing distance, and an aesthetically appealing design that compels all to make it their choice.

4K Resolution TCL TVs

4K Resolution TCL TVsIf you are a beginner and in search of buying a TV don’t buy less than 4k resolution. Poor resolution will cause image tearing as well as motion blur during the display of fast-paced images.  This resolution power ensures the display of sharper pictures with more comprehensive features. 4K Resolution TCL TVs like TCL 98 C735 4k QLED Android TV offer the HDR feature that ensures the production of a wide range of colors to make the image clearer and more immersive.

Mostly, TVs lose the picture quality when the screen size increases. However, 4k TVs show crisp and detailed images even on bigger screens.

Smart TV Capabilities

Although LED TVs have become popular due to the best picture results now they are bringing innovation. TCL LED TV 4K in Pakistan offers smart features that have changed the paradigm of entertainment. TCL is a highly budget-friendly brand that brings the TCL Smart TV in Pakistan that is equipped with all smart TV capabilities. There are some smart TV options that TCL adopts to improve your TV viewing experience.

Here is the list of Best-rated TCL LED TVs that offer the 4k resolution HDR10, and Dolby Vision that improve the picture quality to the fullest. Along with vision, TCL LED supports the best audio system along with a speaker system.


TCL Mini LED TV – 55C835 ₨323900.00
TCL L40d3000 Price in Pakistan ₨60990.00
TCL QLED TV 65-inch Price – 65C745 ₨312900.00
TCL 98 C735 4k QLED Android TV ₨193000.00
TCL 85P735 Price in Pakistan ₨752900.00
TCL Mini LED Price in Pakistan – 55C845 ₨322900.00

Built-in WiFi

WiFi or internet connection makes the things smart. TCL Android TV has built-in WiFi or Ethernet that ensures stable connectivity. This feature allows you to connect or access different streaming apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, or Hulu. In addition, Google browsing and Google Assistant help you to search for your favorite content in seconds. Moreover, via the Internet, you can connect to the world by making a call on a bigger screen. Internet connectivity allows gamers to play online games without any delay.

Voice control

Have you ever imagined controlling your devices with a single voice control to avoid any movement? This feature prevents you from making any movement. One of the best smart TV capabilities is voice control. You can control the functioning of the TV by changing channels, controlling the volume, or changing the settings, all you can control through voice commands using voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

Smart Home integration

For those who get tired of managing all home smart appliances separately, TCL smart TV is the best. TCL smart TV allows you to control your all-home appliances through a single command. The use of AI allows you to turn off all home smart appliances with a single command on leaving the home.

Screen mirroring

One of the latest TCL TV technologies, screen mirroring is the new one. Not all the time, someone can watch what the TV broadcast. How is it to watch your old photos and videos stocked in your gallery on the big screen? TCL smart TV supports the screen mirroring.  Through casting, you can view the media of your smartphone or tablet gallery on the big smart TV screen.

TCL is adapting itself to the advancement in display technology. By bringing innovation into its models, it aims to improve the user’s experience at the maximum.

Best-performance TCL LED TVs

Best-performance TCL LED TVsThe aesthetic appeal of the articles can lead to you losing your budget. Before purchasing an LED TV, the top priority is performance. For this purpose, different brands and their models are compared to make a wise decision. TCL is known for the high performance of its TVs. Many best TCL TVs in Pakistan give the best performance for a long period. Both TCL QLED TV 65 inch and TCL 98 C735 4k QLED Android TV ensure high-performance relationship picture quality as well as sound.

The smart TV is QLED Android TV in other words is called Google Smart TV, which gives easy and quick access to browsing and streaming apps. In addition, the TCL LED TVs are certified by the Energy Star rating which declares these TVs 25-30% more efficient than traditional TV. What else do you need if you get the LED TV with the best contrast, aspect ratio, low dimming, and high refresh rate at a low price?

Budget-friendly TCL TVs in Pakistan

Budget-friendly TCL TVs in PakistanAs the rate of inflation is rising, people look for energy-efficient LED TVs and budget-friendly electronics. One of the frequently used electronics is the television which adds more to the budget. Now, your worry is just too end due to the launch of the best TCL LED TVs in Pakistan. These Budget-friendly TCL TVs in Pakistan are getting recognition due to their stunning features. Like other brands, TCL LED TV price in Pakistan varies based on the model and its respective features. In recent years, TCL LED TVs in Pakistan have become popular due to affordable rates. 

When you compare the prices of LED TVs of different brands, TCL stands high for the wallet-friendly rates. As the TCL offers TVs of all screen sizes, similarly the budget varies. The price of a TV is based on the screen size, type of display panel, and resolution. The price analysis of the best TCL LED TVs in Pakistan shows that the price range of these TVs starts at 31,000 and goes to 825,000 PKR. It determines that you can find the best TV for your home or workplace according to your space and budget. 

TVs that use LED as a backlight source are less costly than the others. Therefore, the TCL L40d3000 Price in Pakistan is highly affordable because of its screen size and fewer smart features. On the other hand, the use of OLED or QLED panel type increases the price of LED TVs. The latest TCL QLED TV 65 inch – 65C745 is price high but affordable for those who want more picture quality for playing games.

In addition, TV with built-in WiFi and Google features makes the TV more expensive. One of these tv is the TCL 98 C735 4k QLED Android TV that equipped with maximum smart TV abilities. QLED itself is costly technology, but when it coupled with the latest connectivity options the price increases. 

The bigger the screen the more advanced technology and high-resolution images will appear. TCL 85P735 Price in Pakistan is more as compared to standard home theatre. Moreover, TCL Mini LED Price in Pakistan is highly affordable. TCL 55C845 is equipped with 4k and HDR resolution that will make the picture quality clearer and immersive.

Undoubtedly, purchasing the best TCL LED TVs in Pakistan is not as easy as it seems. To make a better and wise decision the comparisons between TCL models vary. The QLED TV is more expensive than the LED display panel.  Therefore, it is important to learn about the TV features, components, and their price ranges to make the better and wise choice. 


There are the best TCL LED TVs in Pakistan that are different from each other based on screen size, picture quality, resolution, contrast ratio, refresh rate, response time, and display type. In addition, built-in smart TV features differentiate the TVs. TV using QLED technology is more expensive in Pakistan. In addition, TCL TVs offer smart TV features like Wi-Fi connection, voice control smart home integration via AI, voice control, and AI Google Assistant. In addition, these tv offers voice control that helps them control the home and outside security surveillance through a single command. The price of a TCL LED TV varies based on the size and use of the latest technology. If you are in search of an energy-efficient, budget-friendly, and high-performance LED TV then you must choose the TCL. The longer life span of smart TV will accompany you to enjoy forever.


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