Led TVS Price in Pakistan

The time has gone when CRT or LCD TV were the source of entertainment. Now, the latest LED TVs provide immersive displays to viewers worldwide. Undoubtedly, LEDs are well suited for the present digital age.

What makes this TV different from the previous ones is its high resolution, which displays the content on a bigger screen with high definition. Another reason that makes these TVs compatible with modern times is the quick response rate.

In addition, LED TVs have a wide viewing angle that allows viewers to watch the TV from various angles without experiencing any loss of image quality.

Putting the features aside, LED TVs price in Pakistan are highly affordable and anyone can buy and enjoy nonstop entertainment with family and friends. 

Explore the list of best smart TVs at the best price in Pakistan. Whether you are looking for superior picture quality LEDs, LCDs, or Android TVs, you can find the best in Pakistan at reasonable prices.

LED and LCD price in Pakistan is according to your wallet. Explore and choose the best LED, LCD, and smart televisions to unwind the unlimited joy with the best ones! By brand new or used LED TV for sale in Karachi, to kick the boredom.

LED TVs price in Pakistan

Indulge in the world of aesthetic display to experience the immersive view at home.  The lowest LED prices in Pakistan allow you to install the best LED in your home. You can grab the best LEDs in Pakistan online from the renowned NexGen store.

LED TV uses light-emitting diodes that produce vibrant images on the screen.  Grab the LED TV of your required size to make your living place the entertainment hub. It is time to save up to a maximum because LED rates in Pakistan are what you afford.

Explore the different ranges of prices as well as the best LED TV brands in Pakistan to choose the LED TV that suits your preferences and needs. The availability of various LED sizes would make your choice easier. Whether you are in search of 40-inch LED TVs for a bedroom or  60-inch LED TVs for a home cinema, you can find the best LED TVs according to your needs and preferences.

40-inch LED TV price in Pakistan as well as 42-inch LED price in Pakistan is affordable for all fun lovers. With exceptional quality and unbeatable LED prices in Pakistan, these TVs have become part of every home. So, do not miss the opportunity to grab the cutting-edge technology LED TV to double your enjoyment.

55-inch LED price in Pakistan is exceptionally low that is just to get mounted on your room wall. From 40-inch to 60-inch, LED price in Pakistan is exceptionally low to make your space enlightened with quality display.

Ecostar 32 inch led – CX-32U579M
Ecostar 39 inch led – CX-39U573
Tcl 58p635 price in Pakistan
Tcl p635 65 inch price in Pakistan

Smart LED TV prices in Pakistan

Elevate your TV-watching experience with our best LED smart TVs. Connect your TV with your favorite streaming app or system to enjoy the nonstop exciting visuals. Grab the desired brand and size of smart TV that fits in your setting. Prices of smart TVs in Pakistan are at the lowest to make it a fun time for all.

Large display and equipped with smart features; Smart TV price in Pakistan is budget-friendly. Compare the Smart TV prices in Pakistan and choose the one that fulfills your all needs. Energy efficient, stylish design, easy mounting on the wall; save up to maximum percent.

So, embark on the new journey of watching the live content on the superior display. Smart TV LED prices in Pakistan are perfectly maintained to make it accessible for all. Although LED smart TV price in Pakistan is at the lowest, quality is never compromised.

Ecostar 32 inch smart led – CX-32U870
Samsung Q60C 55 inch – 55Q60C
Ecostar 50 inch led tv – CX-50UD963
Tcl 43s5400 price in pakistan

LCD price in Pakistan

Embrace the cinematic magic of LCD TVs at home with the best quality and price ranges at home. Explore the LCD rates Pakistan list to make them the perfect pick.

LCD TV prices in Pakistan vary based on sizes brands and features they offer. For your room, the 42-inch LCD price in Pakistan is according to your budget. Whether you are seeking LCD for a room lounge or workplace, check out the LCD with price in Pakistan. The latest, equipped with innovative technology, Chinese LCD price in Pakistan is just awesome to make it part of your home for longer.

Android LED prices in Pakistan

Step into the world of smartness with Android TVs where you are going to experience the sheer brilliance without breaking the bank. The OLED and QLED, android LEDs are here to let you dive into the realm of the world of clarity. Hilariously, android LED TV price in Pakistan is at rock bottom.

Too good to be true, the Android TV price in Pakistan is what you have planned to spend. To surprise you more, after a massive discount, you are going to experience Android LED price in Pakistan Is the lowest.

Grab the best LED, whether in the form of smart or Android TV,  because LED TV prices in Pakistan are set to save your money and space with energy-efficient and slimmer designs respectively. 

Ecostar android LED TV 32 inch price in pakistan – CX-32U871
Tcl 98 c735 4k QLED android TV
Tcl LED 43s5200 smart android TV
Tcl android TV 32 inch 32s65a price

Pros and cons of LED TVs

LED TVs have superb picture quality even on the large screen and large viewing angles. The use of the latest OLED technology makes the TVs thinner and rollable. The biggest pro of these LED TVs is their affordability.

Cons of LED TVs might start with the budget. Once these costs are high, it consumes less energy. In addition, some TVs have poor black levels and others are susceptible to unwanted glare.

LED TV Manufacturers in Pakistan

The TV industry is growing in Pakistan due to the demand of the people. Some popular LED TV manufacturers in Pakistan include:

Samsung LG Sony
TCL Hisense Haier
Changhong Ruba TCL Orient

These top-led brands in Pakistan introduce new models of television with innovation every year. As they use the latest technologies in designing and manufacturing, LED rates in Pakistan keep changing.

Factors Affecting LED TV Prices

Undoubtedly, LED TVs have changed the dynamics of the virtual world of entertainment. As they are evolving and getting smarter the prices are increasing in the same manner. Some prominent factors affect LED prices.

  1. The larger the screen size more will be the price
  2. TV with high resolution and image quality cost a high
  3. The quick Refresh rate makes the image quality awesome and adds the price to the TV
  4. The smartest the TV is, like it offers Wi-Fi, Google Assistant, streaming apps along many other smart TV features, it would increase the LED TV prices
  1. Brand name also affects the price of the TVs as Sony and Samsung cost high than TCL.
  2. The model year of the TV also affects the LED TV prices. The latest LED tv models have higher prices than the old ones.

Features to Consider

Before buying the LED, considering the LED TVs price in Pakistan is primarily important to keep the budget in line. It is obvious that LED TVs’ price is directly related to the features that they offer. 

Display resolution

The display resolution decides the image quality on the screen. The 4k and 8k resolution allows a clearer and crisp picture display on the screen than the Full HD TV, which is 1920×1080 pixels resolution. Therefore, the 4k LED TVs price in Pakistan is higher than the 2k.

Screen size

Smart LED TV prices depend on many factors you must consider before buying the TV. One of these factors is the screen size. Larger TVs from 43 inches to 85 inches cost high because they need more components to prepare than small TVs. 

Connectivity options (HDMI, USB)

Another factor that needs to be considered before buying a TV is adding the price to the total. The TVs have multiple connectivity options like HDMI and USB for flexible and convenient data transfer. LED TVs with more HDMI and USB ports add more price to the total.

Smart TVs come with an exclusive HDMI port that makes your TV able to connect with various external devices like gaming, streaming tools, and long sound bars.  Moreover, say goodbye to the cords and warmly embrace the wireless possibilities.

Smart TV functions

Android LED TV Prices are directly based on the smart TV functions. The LED TV that offers internet connection, streaming apps, voice control, Google Assistant, and AI integration are more expensive than the old TVs.

Voice control is the revolution in the world of TV technology. Take control of the device without a remote! Replace your old TV with our smart LED TVs that offer you voice control.  Just speak about the channel shift, volume, brightness control, or maintaining the setting, your TV will obey you. 

Tips for Informed TV Purchases

TV is a long-time investment that can’t be wasted by choosing the wrong piece. If you want to experience the immersive display at your home or workplace, keep a few things in mind because the features decide the LED TV price.

  • Consider your needs, setting, and budget
  • Choose the screen that fits your place
  • Avoid buying the LED with less than 4k resolution
  • Compare the latest LED technologies like OLED and QLED

For a better TV purchase, it is suggested to compare LED TV models in detail. There are different LED sizes in Pakistan that you can choose according to the home setting. The comparison of the basic display features to the price in Pakistan can help you choose the best TV for your lounge.

Summary of LED TV Price in Pakistan 

Choosing the TV is one of the most difficult tasks if you are purchasing for the first time. Dozens of manufacturers and brands in Pakistan offer high-tech TVs at affordable rates. To help you choose the best TV, here are the top 10 LED TV products that are both energy-efficient and affordable.

Top 10 LED TV Products

Samsung 55-inch QN90B Neo QLED 4K Smart TV
Samsung 75-Inch Q80B Neo QLED 4K Smart TV
Orient 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV
Orient 65-Inch Ultra HD Smart LED TV
Haier 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV
TCL 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Android Smart LED TV
Sony 65-Inch X90J 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV
LG 55-Inch OLED C1 4K Smart TV
LG 65-inch NanoCell NANO90 4K Smart TV
Changhong Ruba 55L55H7KI FHD Smart LED TV

These LED TV products are matchless regarding features. The full-screen designs and narrow bezel improve the viewing experience. These products offer high-quality HDR displays that produce bright and realistic images.

Smart LED TV prices

Luxury meets affordability with LED TVs prices in Pakistan. You can explore the wide range of smart LED TVs in Pakistan that are equipped with the latest LED technology. So add elegance to your home with the wide Android LCD and 4K Ultra HD television.

LCD TVs are still common due to quality pictures and affordable prices. LCD prices in Pakistan depend on the size and brand. The best LCD in Pakistan comes with smart features, functionality, and, voice control. Recently, Android LCD TVs have gained popularity due to extensive smart features and reasonable prices.

The best Android LCD price in Pakistan depends on the size. The 40-inch LCD can cost you around 60,000 PKR.  If you are looking for a 24 or 32-inch LCD, it will cost you less.

A brand like Samsung also brings their LCD, which is comparatively expensive, but a good size can cut the rates. Samsung LCD price in Pakistan ranges around 70,000 pk.  If you can’t afford the large LCD of famous brands, choose the small LCD of 24 inches. The small LCD price in Pakistan is around 20,000 per.

Explore the comprehensive list of LED TVs that are matchless in their sleek design and visual quality. We offer you LED TVs for sale to let you experience an immersive view at home.

LED TVs prices in Pakistan are highly affordable to add brilliance to your display. Discover the unmatched clarity with 24-inch to 55-inch TVs to dive into the realm of the new world.

Smart LED TV prices vary based on the brands, the size, and features they offer. Samsung, well known for its high resolutions and curved displays for an immersive viewing experience brings you the LED TV 32-inch Samsung. Samsung LED TV is the best LED TV in Pakistan, like many smart TVs, it offers you Wi-Fi- connectivity to enjoy live streaming, Netflix, YouTube, Google exploration, and online gaming.

Android and Wi-Fi TVs are common due to the increasing entertainment needs. The lead TV price in Pakistan is not so high. Depending on the screen size, it ranges from 30,000 PKR. To 90,000 PKR.

Besides Samsung, the Carry price in Pakistan is also reasonable. Similarly, TCL LED price in Pakistan is in the affordable range if you are looking for a TV according to your budget.

The 32-inch LED TV would be different from the 24-inch. Similarly, Samsung LED prices in Pakistan would vary from the Orient LED price in Pakistan. To choose the best 4k LED TV in Pakistan discover the top LED TV Brands that offer you unlimited entertainment on the big screen.

Top-led brands in Pakistan bring you the iconic 24-inch LED TV at the best price in Pakistan.  The 40-inch LED TV price in Pakistan is also reasonable if you choose a quality and reliable brand.

If you want to watch high – contrast and resolution pictures, a 43-inch LED TV price in Pakistan can shift your mood. In addition, the large cinematics 55-inch TV is also affordable to let you experience the mesmerizing view in your TV lounge.

If you are ready to take your home fun and entertainment to the next level, feel free to choose your desired smart TV as the LED TVs price in Pakistan are according to your wallet capacity. Our super exclusive 32-inch smart TV sale brings you exciting deals on LED TV Models.

Whether you are looking for 50-inch or 55-inch smart LED TVs in Pakistan, land on the NexGen online store that offers you sleekly designed TVs at the best prices in Pakistan. To enjoy the huge immersive curved display in your TV lounge the big screen is mandatory.

Grab the latest 50-inch LED that comes with cutting-edge LED technology that shows your high-resolution visuals on the screen.  50-inch TV price in Pakistan is according to your budget, which is enough to change your view towards the aesthetic world.

Undoubtedly, it is the right time to unlock the potential of your smart LED TV with the latest Android box. Upgrade your smart TV and take your fun time to the next level!  Now, LED TVs price in Pakistan is as smart as your lifestyle and budget. 

Be quick and explore the exciting features of LED TV models of renowned LED TV brands to bring the pack of fun and entertainment at home!

Where to Buy

Like choosing the best LED, it is also the biggest challenge, where to buy. Different online and onsite stores sell the quality TVs of different brands. One of these reliable IT and electronics stores is NexGen which brings you superior quality LED TVs at the best price in Pakistan.

Before choosing the TV examine our prices to others. Here, you will find lower prices than the other stores, which can fluctuate your budget. NexGen is one of the biggest online stores in Pakistan that brings you the best digital products at the best price. 


LED TVs price in Pakistan depends on the brand, size, resolution, refresh rate, and model. The LED with large screen and resolution have high prices. The screen sizes of 24 inches to 43 inches of renowned brands like Samsung, LG, and TCL are considered affordable.

Before purchasing an LED TV, it an ideal to compare the different TV models in all aspects. TVs based on screen size, LED technologies, and resolution have different priceless, so choose the one that not only fits your home setting but is also in your budget range.