TCL 85P735 Price in Pakistan


  • Resolution  3840×2160
  • Android R
  • 2 x 9.5W
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Brand   TCL
Model  p735
Size  85 inch
Resolution  3840×2160
HDR 10
USB  yes
Bluetooth  V5.1
HDMI  yes
OS  Android R
Remote Control Yes 
Power Supply 60Hz
Speaker  2 x 9.5W

Main description

The TCL 85p735 price in Pakistan is a reasonable and remarkable addition to the Pakistani market, offering an impressive 85-inch 4K Ultra High Definition (UHD) Smart TV experience without the high price tag. TCL, a renowned brand in the world of television, has crafted this television to provide a grand entertainment experience for the whole family. The TCL 85 inch p735 is best known by its enormous 85-inch LED UHD display, which has a 3840×2160 resolution.

This indicates that you will be treated to a visual feast with incredibly clear, sharp visuals, vivid colors. And a level of detail that really makes it stand out. With the TCL 85P735 you can enjoy amazing visuals whether you’re watching your favorite shows. And having movie evenings, or playing intensive video games. What’s particularly noteworthy is the HDR10 capability, which enhances the contrast and color of the displayed content.

This results in a more lifelike and dynamic picture quality, further immersing you into the world on the screen. Connectivity is seamless with multiple HDMI ports and USB compatibility. Whether you’re connecting gaming consoles, Blu-ray players, or external storage devices, the TCL p735 85 inch ensures you have easy access to your preferred content.

Additionally, Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity allows for wireless connections to sound bars, headphones, and other compatible devices, enhancing your audio experience. The operating system on this smart LED TV is Android R, ensuring access to a wide array of apps, streaming services, and a user-friendly interface. Furthermore the included remote control adds to the convenience, allowing you to navigate through the content effortlessly.

In terms of sound, the TCL 85P735 doesn’t disappoint. TCL 85p735 price in Pakistan is reasonable according to its features. It features 2 x 9.5W speakers that offer clear and immersive audio, creating a cinematic experience within your living room. With the massive screen and impressive sound quality, it’s like having your private home theater.


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