TV Buying Guide

TV Buying Guide – How to Choose Your Perfect Screen for 2023

TV is a source of entertainment for all. Nowadays, the list of top TV brands and quality is getting extensive. Due to the various available choices, it is hard to choose the best. Buying a TV is not an easy decision as it is a matter of enjoying family time in a cozy room. When you look at the types of smart TVs and features before selecting the television you feel like wandering in the maze of multiple options.

Therefore, it is better to get assistance from the Television purchasing tips. TV brings the happen and unity to the home therefore it is always a crucial decision to make. Before making any decision, the 4k TV buying guide can help you to choose the cinematic and quality TV.

LED TV buying guide Pakistan can help you to know the comparison among different brands and models. In a world where there are multiple choices in front of you, a TV buying guide could be a beacon of light for you. There are some guidelines that you need to pay attention to if you want smart resolution stylish television for your home in a particularly specific budget range.

Above all, you must choose the TV according to your room or lounge layout. To enjoy the immersive entertainment, this guide is going to help you to make a wonderful family fun investment.

 Television Brands

Television brands

Particular brand catches your attention because of quality assurance and experience over the years. Different renowned Television Brands depict the customer needs. With ever ever-changing wave of technology, many brands launch models that beat the expensive brands.

These brands bring you the large display, high resolution, best audio quality, and smart featured television that can let you enjoy the unending entertainment on the large screen.
There is a list of famous Television brands that can make your lounge joy heaven for the years.


Panasonic Sharp
Samsung TCL Hisense
LG Vizio Philips


Display Technology

If you want to experience the immersive display in your lounge, you must consider the display type of your TV. When you visit the electronics store, the first question you are asked by the seller is what type of screen do you want? With the advancement in display technology, the picture quality and resolution have improved.

Display technologies ensures the best picture quality and improves your viewing experience. Therefore, to select the superior quality display, you must go through the TV Buying Guide that will help you to choose the TV that you need. Learn about the TV screens that are equipped with modern technology before investing in the essential entertainment source.

1. LCD (Liquid Crystal Display)

LCD TVs are a common entertainment source in many homes. These are the flat panels constituted of segment blocks filled with liquid crystals. One of the biggest reasons to buy the LCD is its high-resolution immersive display. In addition, it offers you huge energy efficiency, exciting colors, and a deficiency of screen burn-in after watching for a longer period. Above all, the wide-range LCD is more affordable than any other display type.

It is not all about the pros of LCD, it also has some cons that can compel you to switch to another screen type. When it comes to this common display type, the downside like less viewing angle and brightness hurdles in the way. Like other types, you will not be able to view the clear image from different angles. However, is the only choice if price is the concern?  Sounds good to grab now to enjoy the full-time entertainment on your couch.

2. LED (Light-Emitting Diode)

Next, one of the most used technologies in TV is the LED. It is confused with LCD. These display types are similar to some extent. Contrary to LCD, LED uses a fluorescent bulb and it is illuminated by multiple light-emitting diodes. The LED TV buying guide Pakistan informs you about the best features of this type. LED has a sleek design, small size, and large viewing angle. In addition, it offers a clear display of black images and immersive brightness.

Above all, this technology is free from any inherent issues that usually exist in LCD type. The only downside customers face is the mounting difficulty while installing on the wall. If you are in the mood to buy an LED television for watching entertainment or enjoying games with your kids and friends, you can pick the size. If you’re ready to explore the world of LED TVs, don’t miss our full range of LED TVs. These advanced smart led TVs are available in various sizes that can easily fit in any wall setting.

3. OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode)

Have you ever heard about the rolling type of TV? On the other hand, are you looking for the most advanced TV features that provide you the images with deeper colors and crisp contrast? TVs with OLED technology are unique. Organic light-emitting diode technology in TVs uses carbon to produce light when electricity is provided. OLED TVs do not use external sources to illuminate the screen therefore; they show better images and color contrast than LCD and LED.

Due to this reason, their TVs have slim and smart designs as one can roll these screens. As there is a rule, the more advanced the technology, the more expensive the product. QLED TV is more expensive than the simple TVs. If you love this advanced TV, you do not need to worry about it. NexGen takes care of your budget and offers you an affordable range to mount the fun pack on your wall.

4. QLED (Quantum Dot Light-Emitting Diode)

If you are looking for a television with a killer resolution, superb image quality, exceptional color contrast, and resistance to screen burn-in, the QLED display type is what you need. When it comes to brightness, this type has 50-100 times more brightness than the LCD and LED. One of the renowned TV brands, Samsung uses the QLED display technology that puts it top of the list of smart televisions. Moreover, this type of smart TV consumes less energy than the OLED. Surprisingly, it consumes two times less power than the rest of the TV type even though it is the most advanced type in the world of entertainment display.

The TV buying guide will also expose the downside of the QLED. This technology causes light bleed, which makes some images blurry due to haze. In addition, there are complaints about the less saturated blues. Due to to latest system, this type of television is expensive than the rest of the types. Undoubtedly, it is a superb improvement in the world of television. To enjoy the exceptional screening, break your bank once and enjoy the unlimited fun every time you need to recharge yourself.

Screen Sizes

Screen Sizes

How big a screen do you want to mount on your wall? TV screen size is crucial to choose. Before buying the TV, you must consider the size of the room, area of the wall, distance from the view, viewing angle, and above all budget. Therefore, every manufacturer and brand launches the TVs of different sizes, from smaller to large size. Study reveals that to experience the immersive view and aesthetic colors contrast in the dark, people prefer a TV with a big screen size. There are different sizes of TV that you can choose for your room or big lounge to kick start the unlimited movie or gaming time.

1. 32 inches

For your small living room, where the distance between you and the screen is a few feet, a 32″ TV is the best choice. Technology-equipped and budget-friendly!

2. 55 inches

Brands like LG, Sony, Samsung, and TLC, which have LED, LCD, OLED, and QLED technology bring the 55″ TVs that might be an ideal choice for the common living room or lounge. This size TV is getting popular due to its big display and affordable prices among the common public.

3. 65 inches

Large TV is gaining popularity due to the latest technology and huge viewing angles even from a distance. These are the best for the large bedroom, and medium size home theatre.

4. 75 inches

If you are a sports or movie enthusiast, the installation of a 75″ TV can help you to enjoy unlimited sports and fun for longer hours.

5. 85 inches

Up to enjoying the movie night at the home theater? 85″ TV is an ideal to enjoy family time by viewing the immersive display of colors and quality.


Another feature that you must know before buying the TV is the resolution. Smart TVs come with different resolutions that give you an idea about the vivid pictures and color quality. Resolutions depend upon, your preference for TV size and budget. Depending upon the type of smart TV different types of resolution are preferred.

1. HD (High Definition)

HD TV has a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels. You can enjoy the basic picture quality on a small TV as it is the best resolution for the small screens. Importantly,  HD comes commonly with an exciting refresh rate of 60 Hz and you can view the refreshed image 60 times per second! If money is your concern, HD quality is sleekly designed for your wall.

2. Full HD (1080p)

Full HD TV with resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, delivers the immersive picture quality that can beat the smaller TV. Whether you are looking for a small or big screen, all sizes of various television brands are available on the NexGen online store.

3. 4K (Ultra High Definition)

More advanced, crisp, clear images with enhanced color and contrast appear on the screen. 4K offers a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels which is four times more than the full HD. 4K is the manifestation of the crisp and clear image due to a powerful and sharp refresh rate of 240 Hz. This type of resolution is the best for a common room or average size home theater. Go through the 4k TV buying guide before making your final choice.

5. 8K (Ultra High Definition)

Newly and advanced features 8k TV has a resolution of 7680 x 4320 pixels which is four times the resolution of 4K led TVs. When you are up to deciding on buying an 8k TV remember that hilarious image refresh rate between 120 -240  Hz would lead you into the realm of the exciting world of entertainment. This type of resolution type is best for large rooms and home theaters where enthusiasts can plan sports or movie nights. An ideal for mini clubbing!

Smart TV Features

Look for the TV that offers you the top smart features that make the operation feasible for you. Buying a TV is an investment for upcoming years. Therefore, before buying a TV, make sure your TV has the following features,

Built-in Wi-Fi

Where there is smartness, there is high-speed Wi-Fi. Built-in Wi-Fi is the primary feature of the smart TV.

Streaming Apps

To let you come in contact with the world of joy, smart TV should be equipped with Streaming Apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu. Not only this, choose the smart TV that has companion apps that allow you to control your smart TV with a phone and tablet from a distance.

Voice Control

Is it possible to shift the channel, lower or higher the volume, change the brightness, or browse something from Google? Yes, it is possible with smart TV. Features like Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Siri function with your voice command. Now, take the voice control over your screen even from a distance.

Screen Mirroring

Want to watch the smartphone or tablet content on the big screen, connect the TV and your device with Wi-Fi and via screen mirroring, enjoy the content on the bigger screen. While choosing the TV, make sure it offers you superb and smart features like screen mirroring.

Audio Features

If you have superb image quality but poor audio quality, you are at a loss. TV buying guide helps you to know the awesome audio features if the sound matters to your family. Those smart TVs are the best that feature the latest and mesmerizing sound technology such as Dolby Atmos soundbar and have quality built-in speakers. If these features don’t work for you, smart TV has vast soundbar compatibility so you can invest in the Surround Sound that includes multiple speakers in your close vicinity.

Connectivity Options

What to do with the TV that lacks multiple connectivity options. Ethernet and Wi-Fi are the identity of the smart TV as they allow you to explore the world of entertainment in front of you. Before buying the TV, ensure it is equipped with multiple HDMI Ports for the quality transmission of audio and video files. Also, ensure the availability of USB Ports that make your TV connectivity possible for various peripheral devices like gaming and storage.

Bluetooth is another option that allows you to connect your TV with headphones, speakers, and any paired device. With these connections, you can transfer your data wirelessly on the big screen to have more fun.

TV Accessories

TV Accessories

Like the display features, you can’t take the purchase of TV accessories lightly. Before buying accessories, know about your TV.

Wall Mount

Select a wall mount according to your screen size. Easy to install, tilt, and swivel for quick adjustment.

TV Stand

Grab the TV stand that is not only enough to hold your big TV but also ensures that it matches your space and room setting.

HDMI Cables

Neither too short to reach your devices nor too long to cause a mess in the room. Choose suitable and quality HDMI cables for fast and quality audio/video transmission.

Universal Remote

Quality Universal remote would allow you to control the smart TV of any brand with ease from the far couch!

Price Range:

One of the key advantages of reading the TV buying guide before making a choice is it will give you an idea about the price range you can afford. Low-budget TVs like LCD and LED will offer you the basic image quality that is affordable by many. On the other hand, there come Mid-Range televisions that come with 4k resolution, bigger screen size, and high picture quality.

The latest and bigger screen High-End TVs are expensive and come with more advanced features like 4k to 8k resolutions, vast connectivity options, and a wide array of apps and services.


The TV buying guide might be the beacon of light for you before buying the TV. Learn about the television brand, screen size, display technology, and different connectivity options before buying the entertainment pack. Moreover, ensure that you are smart TV has superior audio features that make the sound clearer and crisp like images.

Affordability is the key. Before shifting your lounge to a mini theatre, learn which smart TV fits your setting the best.  Looking at your budget and need, choose the mid-range or high-end TV and enjoy the immersive view of the world!


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