Google Certified Smart TVs

Google Certified Smart TV: The World of Endless Entertainment

When the term Google appears, the first picture in mind is always searching and streaming. As science and technology are progressing, Google is more than a search engine. It has jumped from smartphones, laptops, and computers to the TV.  Google certified smart TV has revolutionized the experience of browsing and streaming by exposing them on a bigger screen.

Recently, Google Certified Smart TV has stirred the world with its unique features. Not only in the world but Google TV in Pakistan is also gaining popularity due to a wide range of features that make the experience more mesmerizing. However, what is this Google TV? A Google-certified device truly fits the Google criteria of performance, security, and compatibility. And all top LED TVs are your gateway to endless entertainment and connectivity at your home and workplace. Google certification allows the smart TV to work with Google services, which includes Google Assistant Google Maps, and Google Play.

This is also known as Google Play Smart TV work on the Android TV OS (operating system). You can discover and install multiple apps when you initially create your Google account and then connect it to your smart TV.  Similarly, you can simply control your apps here in the “My Apps and Games” section, where you can delete any apps that you won’t require.

How to install Google Play Store on a smart TV

How to install Google Play Store on a smart TVGoogle Play store is the sea of apps that allow you to install your desired app. But how to install the Google Play Store on a smart TV?

To install the Google Play store on your smart TV;

  1. Press the HOME button on your remote control
  2. Choose the app icon from the list
  3. Reach down to the search bar and type the store; Google Play store
  4. Choose the Google Play store and hit the install button

The sea is ready for you! Install your favorite apps to enjoy your favorite content.

Google Certified TV features

Google Certified TV featuresGoogle Certified smart television works on the Android operating system. The unique features and benefits of Smart TV make it One of the best in the entertainment world. Here are some prominent and user-friendly benefits that compel you to grab a Google Certified Smart TV in the next moment.

Voice control smart TV

Voice control smart TVImagine you are tired and want to switch from the heart-wrenching breaking news to the exciting and refreshing entertainment channel you would look for the remote button for this purpose. With half eyes open, you would switch to the wrong channel. With a built-in voice control feature, you can control your TV. Whether you want to shift the channel, increase the volume, or change the setting, just say it to the TV. Undoubtedly, your voice control smart TV will do the rest.  Voice control on Google Certified Smart TV assists you in searching for content, navigating the interface, and controlling your overall TV system.

4K Ultra HD smart TV

4K Ultra HD smart TVUndoubtedly, a good TV has a bunch of features that make it a superior device to entertain people. However, top of all is the resolution. It doesn’t matter how good the movie script or song lyrics are, if the picture is not clear and crisp, every content is meaningless. The Google Certified Smart TV is different in this regard. It supports the 4K Ultra HD resolution that allows you to view clear and stunning pictures with 4X the detail of Full HD on the screen. In addition, 4K Google TV offers a huge contrast ratio and refresh rate that makes the view clearer and mesmerizing.

Google Assistant integration

Google Assistant integrationIf you are tired of controlling your home security system and appliances simultaneously then smart TV with Google Assistant can help you to perform this task actively. This TV plays the role of the virtual assistant for you. Along with playing music, and setting alarms, it controls all home smart appliances and vigilance systems. Google Assistant integration works with a single Smart TV app that you can command with your voice. Via voice you can both control your TV and get access to all Google Assistant features.

Screen mirroring on Google Certified TV

Screen mirroring on Google Certified TVDo you want to watch your old clicked photos on your phone camera on the bigger screen? If yes, the screen mirroring on Google-certified TV gives you this opportunity with a few easy steps. To mirror your phone you need no Bluetooth or data cable to do so. All you need for this is a Chromecast built-in Smart TV and an Android phone that works with it. The content you wish to watch on the TV screen is simple to play and control from your smartphone.

YouTube on Google Certified TV

YouTube on Google Certified TVLife cannot be imagined without YouTube. Undoubtedly, YouTube has become a popular website for sharing video content in the bunch. YouTube has anything you might desire, whether it’s your preferred games, TV series, movies, or music. An already-installed YouTube app on a Google-certified smart TV lets you start watching the content you want right away. Other than YouTube, Google TV also comes up with other pre-installed apps like Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, and Disney+. Not only this, but Google TV also has pre-installed sports apps like ESPN that give you nonstop live games and highlights experience.

Google Certified Smart TV reviews

Before buying any products, it is natural to go through the product reviews. If you are a beginner in buying a smart TV then the TV buying guide and the customer reviews can help you a lot. As the Google Certified Smart TV is becoming everyone’s choice, definitely you would go for it when it comes to its reviews.

According to the customers, Google-certified TVs offer the best features from the display to the user-friendly interface. They offer Dolby Vision, and HDR10 that make the picture clearer and more crisp. In addition, within seconds you can reach your desired content by quick browsing. The reviews prove that these smart TVs are convenient and energy efficient. They are also certified by the Energy Star ratings which make them 25-30% more efficient than the other TVs.

Google Certified Android TV

Google Certified Android TVGoogle-certified smart TVs have a bunch of in-hand features. You can watch any type of content and stream by browsing. This is not for this TV. Now, you can also get the Google-certified Android TV that can give you more features like Google TV. Like other Google-certified devices, Android TV also fulfills the standards of Google software and and hardware to provide a superior Android TV experience, by giving access to all of the latest updates.

In addition, the TV also supports the Google-certified Android TV box which is what makes the TV experience wonderful. This hilarious device meets the latest criteria of the compatibility and security set by Google. Nowadays multiple Google-certified TV boxes make the TV viewing experience more immersive. The boxes include the NVIDIA SHIELD TV, Chromecast with Google TV 4K, and Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Max.

Android TV box offers unique specifications and benefits. The main function of the box is to provide you with quick and easy access to the Google Play store. With this feature, you can easily install the apps of your choice. In addition, it offers you the best 4K ultra-high definition as well as HDR images that you can view on a bigger screen.  Moreover, it enables you to control your all-home devices via a quick integration feature that is supported by voice control and Google Assistant. What makes the Android TV unique is the availability of a variety of connectivity options like WiFi, HDMI, screen mirroring, and Ethernet.

As the Android TV box is Google-certified, definitely it will pop up with the regular software updates that are highly essential for keeping your TV secure and up to date.

If you are in search of the latest and premium streaming devices that offer a wide range of features and make the viewing experience awesome, don’t hesitate to grab the latest Google-certified Android TV box. 

Android TV vs. Google TV

Android TV vs. Google TVBuying a smart TV is always challenging because choosing among the pool is not child’s play. When you choose the best LED TV within your budget then consider screen size, resolution, HDR support, refresh rate, and smart TV features.  If it is your first time investing in a smart TV, there is a maximum chance you will get lost. Once there were traditional TVs and LEDs but now there are many that make the choice difficult. The Android TV and Google TV confuse the more as both share many features. However, they differ which makes one superior to the other in many ways.

Android TV has the operating system by Google. Moreover, it comes up with a built-in Chromecast that makes content casting easier from the smartphone. In addition, it has fine integration with the Google Play store that allows the easy and quick installation of the desired apps.

On the other hand, Google TV is the latest addition that applies the AI integration that gives suggestions based on your taste and interest. In addition, Google TV has a more diverse and friendly user interface than Android TV. It has three options that are FOR YOU that give you personalized recommendations. Another is EXPLORE which allows you to watch trending or new content. The last is the LIVE section, where you can stream or watch the live channels.

The feature that differentiates the Google TV from the Android TV is the integration with Google Assistant. Via voice control feature in Google TV you can easily control the TV system as well as the smart home appliances and securing system. On the other hand, the Android TV features voice control but it doesn’t support Google Assistant for the home or AI integration.

Furthermore, Google TV has a designated section for gaming. However, Android TV has limited opportunities for gamers.

Undoubtedly, both TVs give superior picture quality but by features, the Google Certified Smart TV is ahead. If you are looking for a TV in your budget range, the Android TV is the best choice for you. The Google TV is the most up-to-date with all the features that anyone could desire. Invest once but in the best, Google TV!


Google Certified Smart TV has revolutionized the world of entertainment. It fulfills the all standards of Google that focus on compatibility and security. This TV has unique features that make it superior to the Android TV. It supports the 4k HDR resolution that makes the picture clear. Moreover, it features a voice control that works with Google Assistant. Due to Google Assistant integration, one can control home appliances with a single voice command. In addition, this smart TV gives you access to various apps via the Google Play store. There are also Google Android TVs that share the many features of Google TV but Google TV surpasses due to the latest and up-to-date features. Google TVs are energy efficient but a little more costly than Android TVs. Before choosing the best TV for your home, don’t forget to read the smart TV buying guide and the customer reviews.


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