Variable Multi-function Food Processor


  • 1.5 Liter Blender
  • 50 Grams grinding mill
  • Stainless-steel sharp blades
  • 1000 Watts of Power
  • Easy cleaning
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Now, buy a variable multi-function food processor at the best rates in Pakistan. This unbreakable food processor comes with 27 different features and also works as a chopper, grinder, blender, cutter, shredder, and mixer. Moreover, you can get fine or coarse slices according to need. A 1.5 little large blender allows accurate mixing and blending instantly. Besides, a durable 50 g capacity grinding mill crushes and grinds the coarse ingredients in their finest form as well as Quick food processing is only possible with a powerful 1000 W motor.

Thermal protection and variable speed food processor are all we need in the kitchen. Also, it features a pulse control option for high-performance food processing. Most multifunctional food processors have a complex assembly that makes cleaning difficult because The variable multifunction food processor has an easy assembly that makes cleaning very feasible. If you are looking for an energy-efficient and wallet-friendly food processor then choose a multifunctional food processor because NexGen’s online shop stocks a wide range of food processors at a low cost.

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Features of Variable Multi-Function Food Processor:

Product Variable multifunction food processor
Blender capacity 1.5 liter
Grinder capacity 50 g
Power 1000 W
Voltage 220-240 V
Frequency 50-60 Hz


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