Food Processor 10 in 1 Price


  • 500 W powerful motor
  • 6 different stainless steel cutting blades
  • 2 speeds and 1 pulse function
  • Transparent plastic design
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Unique multifunctional Food processor 10 in 1 price in Pakistan is highly wallet-friendly. This entire processor has Blender, Grinder, Mincer, Slicer, Shredder, etc. Moreover, it features kneading Doug, mixing, and whisking items.  Regarding, the blender, it is large size plastic jug that allows consistent and fast blending. Besides, the mincer or chopper is equipped with stainless-steel sharp cutting blades that save time.

The 500 W powerful motor gives high performance with thermal protection system. 2-speed and pulse functions allow fast and perfect processing. Now, you can enjoy fresh citrus and vegetable juices at home. Additionally, the hygienic minced meat allows you to enjoy restaurant recipes at home. Undoubtedly, we look for convenient food processors regarding operation and cleaning. Similarly, the food processor 10 in 1 is designed according to your expectations. Assembly and disassembly of the whole food processing unit are quite easy.

Thus, get rid of old knives and choppers and buy a modern food processor. Food processor 10-in-1 price in Pakistan is reasonable and also You can buy premium food processors online from the NexGen shop. NexGen is the biggest online spot for IT products as well as home and kitchen appliances in the country. Land on the website of the store and add desired quality products to the cart.

Features of Food processor:

Product Food processor 10 in 1
Material Plastic and stainless steel
Power 500 W
Voltage 110-120V/60HZ,


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