Dawlance microwave oven dw md10


  • 700W power
  • 220-240 voltage
  • 50-60 Frequency
  • 20-liter capacity



Brand  Dawlance
Model  md 10
Type  Microwave 
Capacity  20 liters
Power  700W
Control Panel Type Mechanical
Installation Type Free Standing
Width  44 cm
Depth 34.8 cm
Height 28.5 cm
Voltage 220-240
Frequency  50-60
Weight 10.7 kg

Main description

Food can be swiftly heated in a microwave oven, which is safe kitchen equipment. With the 20-liter capacity of Dawlance microwave oven dw md10, you can heat meals more quickly which can save a lot of time. Using a microwave oven for cooking is quite convenient because it’s easy and quick. It’s easy to cook a variety of things in a matter of minutes.

You can efficiently and quickly reheat your meals with our Solo microwave ovens. It is possible to distribute the heat more evenly when using a microwave with a rotating turntable, and you can help ensure that all bacteria are killed by making sure your food is heated enough. As you can see, microwaves are practical appliances that may simplify your life.

There are numerous advantages to using this kind of device, whether you’re seeking a simple way to reheat leftovers or prepare a quick meal from scratch. Additionally, keep the microwave oven clean for good working condition. You can easily clean the interior with a moist towel. There are five power settings on the Dawlance microwave oven dw md10, so you may adjust the cooking time.

This function gives you flexibility in cooking times by letting you set a timer for up to 35 minutes. The DW-MD 10 has mechanical rotary controls that make it easy to use. The Dawlance dw-md10 price in Pakistan is reasonable. Visit the online store Nexgen, and you will find a variety of electronic products 


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