Dawlance microwave oven dw 131 hp


  • 900W microwave output
  • 50-60 Frequency
  • Microwave with grill



Brand  Dawlance
Model  DW 131 hp
Type  Microwave with grill
Capacity  30 liters
Power  900W
Control Panel Type Digital 
Installation Type Free Standing
Dimension  17 x 20 x13 in
Voltage 220-240
Frequency  50-60
Weight 16 kg

Main description 

Examine your cooking needs when choosing a microwave oven and make your decision based on those findings. Microwave ovens allow you to cook food faster and with less mess. With the help of our Self Cleaning Deodorizer, you can maintain the freshness. And odor-freeness of your microwave oven cavity by eliminating the unpleasant smell from inside.

A heating element is included with a grill microwave.  And it can found at the top or bottom of the device. To keep it in good working you need to clean this daily. It is very easy to use and easy to clean. To cook and crisp up the food, the heating element will function as an additional heat source in this Dawlance microwave oven dw 131 hp. Solo microwave ovens are less expensive than other types of ovens.

The Dawlance microwave dw 131 hp comes with 900W of power. You need this Dawlance dw 131 hp in your home if you’re a foodie who always craves something crispy in your cuisine. It has every cooking setting found on a single and grill microwave. This dawlance dw 131 hp specifications include all cooking tasks, including defrosting, heating, grilling, and baking.

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