Compare LED TV models

Compare LED TV models – Smart choices for this year

LED TV has changed the paradigm of entertainment due to its latest features. In old times, TVs had poor picture quality but now each LED TV model is unique and the best regarding picture quality and other smart features. Due to advancements in technology and improvements in picture quality, LEDs have become popular among viewers.

If you are planning to replace the LCD with LED, you must carefully choose the TV from the pool of televisions. The TV buying guide or LED TV Comparison of different models based on features can help you to make the right choice according to your budget range. Comparison of brands, models, sizes, components, and all features allows you to pick the best that fits according to your preference and budget as well.

Smart TV Feature Comparison

Smart TV Feature Comparison

If you are new to purchasing LED TVs, you must be aware of all the features of smart LED TVs. When you compare LED TV models, you understand which one is the better. TV with a high contrast ratio, use of advanced display panel technology, fast refresh rate, response time, and energy-efficient power unit, make the TV purchase faster and easier. Here is the complete guide that will help you to choose the best TV model from popular brands like Samsung and LG.

Screen size or display panel plays a necessary role in portraying the quality image. The small screen has less viewing angle than the large one. LED sizes in Pakistan are not the same. Different brands like Samsung and LG’s models have diverse Screen sizes and resolutions. The bigger screens have more resolution than the smaller ones.

32-inch and 40-inch comparison

32 inch and 40 inch comparisonBefore choosing between buying a TV, the size of the room is important to measure. For a small room like a bedroom or kitchen, a 32-inch TV is the best. On the other hand, a 49-inch room is ideal for the living room or gaming room. Comparison between 32-inch and 40-inch reveals that the small screen has typically 1366 x 768 resolution. While 40- a 40-inch LED TV has 1920 x 1080 resolution. In addition, the smaller screen has less viewing distance of 3-5 feet. On the other hand, the large screen offers you a 5-7 feet distance in the spacious room.

50-inch vs 55

50 inch vs 55

The larger the screen size, the more will be the immersive viewing experience. Moreover, these sizes are best recommended for the home theater, large family room, or dorms. Both 50-inch and 55-inch LED screens offer either 2k or 4k resolution that improve the picture quality. The large TV is meant to have a large viewing distance. The estimated viewing distance for the 50-inch TV is 6.3 ft to 10.4 ft. On the other hand, 55 55-inch TV offers a 6.9ft to 11.5 ft distance. The large viewing distance helps to reduce the eye strain that is common for TVs with small viewing distances.



The display type of the TV decides the picture quality. With advancements in LED technology, TV manufacturers are using QLED and UHD technology to improve your viewing experience. Along with improving, quality use of technology increases the price of the LED TV. What are these display types that make the TV worth watching? When we are in search of the best, we compare LED TV models to make an easy choice. 

QLED is the technology that is being used by Samsung. Along with QLED, Samsung also used UHD to bring innovation to its LED TV models. It uses the Quantum Dot technology that produces bright, colorful, and detailed images on the screen with quick response time and refresh rate. In addition, some models imply the AI to upscale the picture quality. Due to this display panel technology, you can enjoy the 4k to 8k resolution picture without any blur or dimming.

On the other hand, LG also uses a UHD display type that is known as 4k but this brand is renowned for using OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) technology for its latest high-end models. After choosing the brand, you should compare LG LED TV models for a money-saving but efficient decision.

These LED TVs come with a 4K HDR feature with Alexa Built-in and lasted display panel technology that makes them highly energy efficient.


Samsung UHD TV TU-8000 Series 50 inch
Samsung UHD 4K CU7000 75 inch
Samsung QLED 4K Q80B 65 inch
Samsung QLED 4K Q60C 55 inch


LG UHD TV UR80 43 inch 4K smart TV
LG UHD TV UR80 50 inch 4K Smart TV
LG OLED Flex 42 inch 4K Gaming TV
LG OLED Evo C3 65 inch 4K Smart TV Self-Lit OLED Pixels

Price Range LED TV Models

Price Range LED TV Models

The more advanced the technology any LED TV is equipped with, the price range will increase.  Different brands use different LED technology in their models to make the user experience more exciting. The OLED LED TV models of LG and other brands have a higher price range than the price range of LED TV models of Samsung that use QLED technology. It doesn’t mean LG is out of reach but the LG TV models of the LED nano series offer budget-friendly TVs that are also renowned for their immersive and clear display.

Energy Efficiency TV Models

In the present time as the rate of inflation is increasing, all consumers look for energy-efficient electronics because electronics cover the major portion of bills. Different renowned brands like LG, Samsung, TCL, and Haier bring their different energy-efficient models. Two widely known and popular brands Samsung and LG bring energy-efficient models to the market that are certified by the Energy Star rating.

When we compare LED TV models of these brands based on efficient design, LG models consume less energy than QLED and UHD. This is because the OLED display doesn’t need the backlight which consumes more energy in LED TVs.

Picture Quality LED TVs

LED TVs use different display panels like QLED, OLED, LED, or UHD for better results. Along with the display type, the resolution also matters. The OLED LED TVs offer the best quality picture and high resolution of 4k. Mostly, on big screens, image is blurred due to tearing but with OLED panel images are seen as casual and crisp even on the big screen.

Sound System Comparison LED TV

LED TVs have the best picture quality. If the sound system of LED TV is poor then the quality picture loses its appeal. As there is side by side TV model comparison; Samsung and LG, both have exceptional sound systems. However, Samsung leads due to powerful speakers and noise-reducing technology that make the sound more mesmerizing. LG has Dolby Atmos but poor speakers and subwoofers that fail to produce quality sound.

Connectivity Features TV Models

For fast and stable data transfer efficient connectivity components are required. Both LG and Samsung LED TVs are equipped with a wide range of connectivity options, like HDMI, USB, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, AirPlay 2, Google Cast, Alexa, as well as Google Assistant.

As both brands offer the best Connectivity options, the brand you choose depends on your preferences. If you are looking for a TV with HomeKit support, then an LG TV is a good choice. If you are in search of a TV with SmartThings support, Samsung TV is what you need. In addition, if you are looking for more than one component/composite video input, then an LG TV would be a good choice. You can compare Samsung-led TV models to know which comes best with the connectivity options.

LED TV Performance Contrast

LED TV has surprised the world with its unique features. The LED TV due to advanced technology and components has improved its performance concerning the LCD. When we compare LED TV models based on performance, the TVs equipped with OLED technology are always ahead in rave. These TVs have a high contrast ratio; refresh rate, response time, perfect viewing angle, and accurate motion handling.

Keeping this in view LG LED TV’s maximum contrast ratio and fast processor increase its performance more than Samsung. TV Model contrast helps new buyers to choose the best TV for their home. Popular LED TV Brands Comparison in TV buying guides or online help you to choose the best TV model for your home.

Buying a new LED, smart TV is one of the toughest jobs. As there are hundreds of models of TVs of different brands, therefore Model Evaluation of LED TVs is essential. Comparative LED TV analysis of different brands and models helps to find the best-required features for your LED TV.

In addition, user ratings LED TV Comparison also help to know about the important features of it. If you are afraid of buying a new one, be sure to have complete information about the LED TV Reviews and Ratings. Having looked at the reviews and ratings, you can make the wiser choice.

If you are in search of buying Best Value LED TVs then you need to go to the website to learn about the Latest Models of LED TVs. The detailed comparison of different LED models helps you to make the right choice. 


Before investing in buying a new LED TV, you need to compare LED TV models. It helps you to choose the best TV for your budget. There are different brands worldwide that bring you the best LED TV brands like Samsung and LG. By comparing the different TV models based on different features and display panels. The detailed comparison between both LED models is based on screen size, resolution, prices, and picture quality.

The use of QLED and OLED technology makes the LG and Samsung highly user-friendly. In addition, LED TV reviews and ratings also play a role in making the best choice regarding the smart TV. The main purpose of comparing different LED models is to identify the best LED TV for the home or the workplace.


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