Oven toaster grill price


  • Model: ARO-25-RC
  • Heat resistant tempered glass window
  • Large holding capacity
  • Adjustable thermostat from 100C to 250 C
  • 1280W power consumption


What else do you want if you get a kitchen appliance that helps you in baking, toasting, and grilling? Therefore, the Oven toaster grill price in Pakistan is kept at the lowest to improve your cooking time. More than a 45-liter holding capacity oven is multifunctional. Whether you want brown toast, bake, sandwich, or grilled meat all is done by this single oven. You can also cook in it because an adjustable thermostat makes it possible. You can adjust the temperature to 100-250 C° to make a meal.

Importantly, the oven toaster grill performs many functions. Its power consumption is 1280W. Moreover, it features a heat-resistant tempered glass window that makes our things properly visible. Additionally, this unique multipurpose oven features an auto shut-off system that works when your desired meal is ready. Mostly, multipurpose ovens become difficult to clean but oven toaster grill is easy to as well as assemble.

Get a multipurpose oven that you can use to roast, grill, defrost, and cook meals. The oven toaster grill price in Pakistan is quite reasonable to let you enjoy the ease of your cooking. Land on Pakistan’s reliable online shop, NexGen to get premium kitchen appliances.

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Features of Oven Toaster Grill:

Product Oven toaster grill
Color Black
Capacity 45 lit.
Power 1280W
Timer 60 minutes
Temperature 100-250 C°


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