Sandwich Maker Grill With Removable Plates


  • Sandwich/Grill plates removable
  • Non-stick coating plates for easy cleaning
  • Connection spring concealed
  • Thermostatically controlled
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If you want to enjoy a tasteful sandwich maker gill with removable plates, fries, and mouth-watering barbeque then a sandwich maker grill with removable plates is the best. It comprises a grill with easily remove able plates. Now, you can make sandwiches shortly. Moreover, non-stick plates make sandwiches properly as it compresses the slices for all sides. Furthermore, the 4-slice sandwich maker has a grill and plates that are easy to remove and clean.

Also, its connection springs are hidden so it is more hygienic. Besides, its power output is 1200 W which enhances its performance of it. Whether you want to enjoy a delicious variety of sandwiches or spicy and tender steaks, you can make them all instantly. Now, say goodbye to fast food and cook all at home.

Enjoy quick breakfast, make lunch for kids, and barbeque with friends at night. Buy a sandwich maker grill with removable plates to save your time and make food feasible. Save power and time with efficient kitchen appliances.

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Features of Sandwich Maker Gill:

Product Sandwich maker grill
Capacity 4 slices
Color Black
Voltage 220-240V
Output 1200 W
Frequency 50-60Hz


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