Gas Hobs Burner Prices in Pakistan (ARLGH-701-702SS )


  • Model: ARLGH-701-702SS
  • 8 mm thick tempered glass
  • 2 Large Super Prime Burners & 1 small Burner
  • Grey Cast Iron Pan
  • Autoignition 3v Battery operated
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Gas Hobs burner prices in Pakistan are at the lowest. This elegantly designed Gas Hobs burner comprises two primary burners and a single small burner. Moreover, the glass-tempered surfacing gives this burner set a stylish appearance. Besides, the pan of the burner set is made of grey cast iron. Additionally, it features auto-ignition due to 3V battery-operated operations.

Now, you can save your cooking time with a Gas Hobs burner. This beautifully coated burner allows you to cook three dishes simultaneously. It gives a stylish look to kitchen shelves. It not only works smoothly but also its operation is quite easy. Thus, this Gas Hobs burner for your home and enjoy joyful cooking. Furthermore, its portability is convenient. So, enjoy cooking with this speedy burner. You can buy this shiny black and gray cooking range at the best cost.

Therefore, Gas Hobs burner prices in Pakistan are fixed at the lowest to make your cooking experience more wonderful. Browse, the NexGen online shop and add this quality burner to the cart. NexGen also offers the best IT tools at a reasonable cost. Along with quality, we also ensure the safest and fastest product delivery nationwide.


Product Gas Hobs Burner
Coating Tempered glass
Power 3V
Total burner 3( 2 large +1 small)


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