Haier Gas hob Stainless Price (ARLGH-703-704SS)


  • Model: ARLGH-703-704SS
  • Stainless Steel
  • 3 Burner
  • Auto Ignition
  • Enamel supported
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To equip your kitchen with a quality stove Haier gas hob stainless price is kept at the lowest. This stylish Gas hob is designed with stainless steel and enamel coating. Moreover, it has a three-burner, two primary burners coupled with a small burner. All burners disperse fine heat. The auto-ignition features of the burner make it unique and modern as well. Furthermore, the operating knobs move smoothly to control the fire.

Undoubtedly, the Haier gas hob with three burners is the best support when you have to cook more than one dish. This is the perfect time-saver for you. If you want to add some stylish stuff to your kitchen range then the Haier gas hob must be your only choice. Because it is much better than an ordinary burner that has multiple limitations. You can get this quality and portable burner online in Pakistan.x

Haier gas hob stainless price in Pakistan is highly reasonable to equip your kitchen with a quality burner. Browse the NexGen online shop and add this burner to the cart. NexGen is the online station of electronics and all IT products that are offered at the best prices. Explore the comprehensive list of items and choose what suits your use and style. Thus, connect with NexGen and experience safe and fast online shopping.


Brand Haier
Housing Stainless steel
Burners 3
Width 71 cm



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