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  • Cordless stainless-steel body
  • 2 Liters of water holding capacity
  • Power consumption of 220-240 V
  • Non-slip 360-degrees rotary power base


Quality stainless steel housed Cordless kettle price in Pakistan is quite low. This small electric kettle has a water holding capacity of 2 liters. Moreover, it comes up with 360 a ° rotary base. Above all, this cordless electric kettle performs tasks very fast. It boils water up to 85% faster than the normal heat stove. Furthermore, it is safe to make tea, coffee, and boiling eggs.

We might say that a cordless stainless-steel kettle is a perfect partner for you. Due to the plain interior, it is quite easy to wash. Besides, it consumes less power and works efficiently on 220 and 240 v. Due to its durable design, it is safe to wash it with solid hands. Undoubtedly, this tiny kettle is the essential item that we need at this crucial moment. Easy to open and its handling all makes this kettle user’s only choice.

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Features of Cordless kettle:

Product Cordless kettle
Housing Stainless steel
Holding capacity 2 lit.
Power 220-240V

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