Egg Boiler Machine Price in Pakistan


  • Prepare 1 up to 7 Eggs at once
  • Measuring Cup with Egg Pick
  • Stainless Steel Heating Plate
  • Removable Egg Holders
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Now, say goodbye to the old egg maker machines. There is a superior Egg boiler machine that saves time. The Electric egg boiler machine price in Pakistan is at the best lowest nowadays. With help of this boiler, you can boil seven eggs at once. The egg warmer machine holders give the perfect fit to eggs to avoid any inconvenience. The use of 350-Watt power heats the stainless-steel plate to boil the eggs. Once you turn on the machine it starts heating and boiling the eggs. When eggs are fully boiled, the egg boiler machine will inform about the end of boiling.

Additionally, the machine will automatically turn off. Open the lid easily and pick out the boiled egg. Also, you can clean the machine easily by removing egg holders. Undoubtedly, we always look for instant kitchen appliances. If you want to add new automatic kitchen support then a superior Electric egg boiler machine is the perfect pick. The egg boiler machine price in Pakistan is at the best lowest now. You can buy this quality time and power-saving machine from the NexGen online shop.

NexGen is a remarkable online store that brings a huge range of electronics, kitchen, and household tools. Besides, it makes online shopping to buy egg boiler easier for customers countrywide. We only promise to bring comfort to your everyday life.

Features of Egg Boiler Machine:

Product Egg boiler machine
Egg capacity 1-7
Material Stainless steel plate
Power 350 W
Voltage 220 – 240V
Frequency 50/60Hz


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