Water Purifier for Home price in Pakistan


  • Hi-Tech Ceramic Cartridge Water Purifier
  • Filters up to 10,000 Liters of Water
  • Removes 99.9% of contaminants
  • Easy to install
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Water purifier for home price in Pakistan is low because it is in high demand due to poor water quality. If your home receives impure water from the supply line then install a water purifier at home to keep yourself and your family away from water-borne diseases. This water purifier is made of durable ABS plastic and equipped with a hi-tech ceramic cartridge. Install it with your tap and get pollutant-free water. Moreover, it features Nano-KDF technology that prevents the growth of bacteria and protozoa.

Besides, it has a large water purifying capacity. This long-lasting purifier filters up to 10,000 Liters of Water easily. Along with it, it cleans water up to 99.9% from the germs. Now, you can drink rust, residual, chlorine, and blood worm-free water. Now, you don’t need to worry about fixing purifiers in the home kitchen. It comes with three faucets that can be easily fixed with a variety of taps. So, bring this water purifier system to your home to obtain clean and healthy water. Good taste and good life! So, buy this water purifier now.

It is not only healthy but also wallets friendly. Water purifier for home price in Pakistan is at the lowest. You can grab this environment-friendly water purifier online from the NexGen shop. NexGen is the biggest online market of electronic, IT, home, and kitchen products. To get premium products land on our website and choose the best.


Product Water purifier for home
Material ABS plastic
Capacity 10,000 Liters


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