Universal Light SoftBox Flash Diffuser


  • Even lighting
  • One size fits all
  • Simple and compact


Flash diffuser light softbox is the most selling light modifier. This is the portable and versatile softbox designed for Speedlight that’s neither so harsh nor so soft. Check this out if you want a class.

Compatible with Canon , Nikon , yongnuo, Nissin, Sony, sigma, Pentax
Diffusion layers 2x
Size 6” x 5”
Constructed with High quality material
Color Black and White
Soft Lining ü
Quality 100% good
Flash Fit most

Long Description

Flash diffuser light softbox is the most selling light modifier. It is constructed with high quality material and 2x diffusion layers that reduce the harsh shadow lines. Its use to attach shoe flash where it spread evenly soft light. By using softbox on camera flash, we can captures perfect pictures and shots with even lightning. It is also diffuser for room where you can capture pictures and shorts within room.

If you want to know diffuser price in Pakistan, then click here. Flash diffuser light softbox has everything you need to improve your photography to a more professional level. Soft box has great compatibility to suitable for most speed lights on market like canon, Sony, Nikon etc.

More Detail:

1. Spread Light Evenly

Its major feature is convert harsh flash light into evenly spread light, that will remove shadow lines and make pictures more perfectly.

2. Reduce blemishes

Featured with reduce blemishes and provide fair skin tone contrast delivering super rich coloring.

3. Softness:

Softbox on camera flash has also facility to provide soft pictures and reduce harsh edges of pictures and shorts.

4. Small Enough

Packaging of diffuser for room is small enough to take anywhere and easy to assemble and pack up after photography.



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