Universal Lembancy Flash Diffuser Price In Pakistan


  • strong Velcro strap for easy mounting
  • Diffuser Color Clear
  • Fits all flashes
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Universal Lembancy Flash Diffuser is essential while taking a photo or a video. It eliminates other harsh rays. Universal Lembancy Diffuser Price In Pakistan is affordable like its expectation. So, come and BUY NOW before time runs out.

Weight 257.87 g
Size 11.4*11.3*12.5 cm
Package Includes 1 × P3 Professional Lambency Flash Diffuser

Description of Universal Lembancy Flash Diffuser:

A shining flashgun towards a reflective surface known as a universal lambency flash diffuser. This camera flash with a diffuser looks like a white ceiling or a flash umbrella. The universal lambency flash reflects the light onto the subject.

If you use it indoors, it can act as ambient lighting for the entire scene. The camera flash with diffuser uses greater flash power than direct lighting but produces softer. It reflects less artificial-looking illumination than direct flash, frequently reducing overall contrast, enhancing shadow, and highlighting detail.

This improves the flash’s effectiveness and brightens shadows created by light from the ceiling. A portion of the bounced light can also be directed directly at the subject. Universal Lembancy Flash Diffuser Price In Pakistan is reasonable according to its features. 

More detail:

1. Easy to use

Easy to use and will bring you closer to that perfect picture.

2. Reduce problems

Universal Flash Diffuser Helps to reduce common flash photography problems like overexposure, glare, and harsh red-eye.


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