Mobile Pen Price in Pakistan


  • Multifunctional pen
  • Have premium rubber tip for sensitive touch
  • Made of durable metal
  • Writes, draws, and erases


More Detail:

Elegantly designed slim and smart Multifunctional stylus Screen touch pen is here to make your smartphones use easier. The Mobile Pen Price in Pakistan is very decent. This metal design comes with dual features. It not could be used for touch purposes but also for paper writing. Due to the premium rubber tip, you can experience a smooth touch. It helps you in writing, drawing, sketching as well as erasing untidy additions.

Undoubtedly, the Screen touch pen is in high use because it adds style and much ease to work. Now, get rid of paper and pen and keep designing going on the screen. It is the perfect tool for the mobile touch. Above all, this durable metal pen has a clip design for easy holding and portability. If you also want to avoid scratches and fingerprints then add this slim touch pen to the cart. So, become the sketching, drawing, and designing pro with help of this premium pen.

Thus, bring a high and accurate pace to your work with a screen touch pen. You can get a variety of smart touch pens that might be universally compatible with all smart screens i.e., laptops and tabs. Land on NexGen’s online store page and add stylish and superior IT gadgets to the cart. To enjoy and bring ease, style, and speed to your tasks connect with NexGen, a promising IT tools seller!

Features of Mobile Pen:

Product Screen touch pen
Casing Plastic
Tip material Rubber
Storage holder Available

Additional information

Minimum Order Quantity

30 Qty, 50 Qty, 100 Qty


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