TCL C635 55 Inch Price in Pakistan


  • Resolution 3840×2160
  • Refresh rate 60Hz
  • 2 x 10W speakers
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Brand   TCL
Model  c635
Size  55 inch
Resolution  3840×2160
HDR 10
USB  2
Bluetooth  yes
Remote Control Yes 
Power Supply 60Hz
Speaker  2 x 10W

Main description:

The Tcl c635 55 inch price in Pakistan is budget friendly and offering a captivating viewing experience with its expansive screen and impressive features. TCL, a globally recognized brand in the realm of electronics, has designed. This TV to provide an exceptional cinematic experience without breaking the bank. The tcl 55 inch c635 is primarily composed of a roomy 55-inch QLED display, which is renowned for its Quantum Dot technology, which produces remarkably bright and vivid colors.

Every scene is brought to life with breathtaking clarity. And depth thanks to the 4K Ultra High Definition resolution of 3840×2160. This TV makes sure you get compelling graphics that stay with you whether you’re watching your favorite sports events, or enjoying movie nights . The TV’s support for HDR10 further elevates the visual experience, enhancing contrast and color accuracy.

This means you’ll enjoy deeper blacks and more vivid whites, creating a dynamic and immersive picture quality. Operating on the Google TV (GTV) platform, this TV provides seamless access to an extensive range of apps and streaming services. The user-friendly interface and included remote control make navigating through content effortless. Ensuring that you’re always just a few clicks away from your preferred shows and movies.

In the audio department, the tcl 55 inch c635 features 2 x 10W speakers that deliver clear and immersive sound. While external audio systems can be add for a more immersive experience. The built-in speakers provide a satisfying auditory experience in their own right. The TCL C635 55-inch TV offers a winning combination of impressive specifications and affordability.

This LED TV offers an excellent viewing experience that improves your home entertainment setup. Regardless of whether you’re a movie, game, or streaming video lover. Tcl c635 55 inch price in Pakistan is not very high. And it is the ideal option for Pakistanis searching for a high-caliber. Reasonably priced television that allows them to enjoy a movie in the comfort of their own homes. Because of its affordable pricing.


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