TCL 50P635 Price in Pakistan


  • OS, Android R
  • Speakers 2 x 9.5W
  • Refresh rate 60HZ



Brand   TCL
Model  50p635
LED Type LED UHD Google TV
Size  50 inch
Resolution  3840×2160
HDR 10
USB  1
Bluetooth  V5.1
OS  Android R
Remote Control Yes 
Refresh rate 60Hz
Speaker  2 x 9.5W

Main description:

The Tcl 50p635 price in Pakistan is reasonable according to its cutting-edge technology and impressive features for an outstanding home entertainment experience. With a 50-inch LED UHD Google TV, it’s a true powerhouse, boasting many features that make it a worthy investment for anyone seeking high-quality visuals and smart functionality.

The outstanding 3840×2160 resolution of the TCL 50P635 LED TV is one of its standout features. Tcl 50 inch p635 is an excellent option for gaming, streaming 4K material, and even watching regular television because of its UHD display, making every screen pixel exceptionally clear and sharp. Moreover, the Tcl 50p635 LED supports HDR10, enhancing the picture quality by providing greater contrast and a broader color spectrum, which leads to more lifelike and immersive visuals.

The LED TV has an array of connectivity options, including 3 HDMI ports and 1 USB port. Making it convenient to connect various devices like gaming consoles, Blu-ray players, and external hard drives. Including Bluetooth V5.1 ensures hassle-free pairing with wireless peripherals like headphones or speakers. Moreover The TCL 50-inch p635 is a smart LED TV that runs on Android R and provides an easy-to-use interface. The Google TV platform offers easy access to a large number of games, apps, and streaming services.

The included remote control offers voice control for more convenience and makes navigation easy. For audio, this TV doesn’t disappoint either. Furthermore the built-in 2 x 9.5W speakers produce clear and dynamic sound, immersing you in the content you’re watching. If you’re looking for a more cinematic audio experience. The TV’s HDMI ARC feature allows for easy connection to external sound systems or sound bars.

Excellent picture quality, an easy-to-use Android R operating system, and various connectivity options define the TCL 50P635 television. Its stylish appearance and outstanding audio-visual features make it an excellent choice for anyone looking for a high-end entertainment experience. Regardless of whether they are a movie buff, gamer, or just an occasional TV watcher. NexGen gives you a reasonable Tcl 50p635 price in Pakistan.


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