TCL 40s5400 Price in Pakistan


  • Resolution 1920×1080
  • Power supply AC 100-240V
  • Speakers 2x8w



Brand TCL
Model 40s5400
Size 40 Inch
Resolution  1920×1080
HDR 10
Bluetooth  V5.1

Main description:

The Tcl 40s5400 price in Pakistan is reasonable according to its features it is a popular television model known for its affordability and decent features. The tcl 40 inch s5400 typically comes with a 40-inch screen. Offering a larger and more immersive viewing experience compared to smaller models. The leds usually features a Full HD (1080p) resolution, which provides sharp and detailed visuals, making it suitable for watching movies, sports, and gaming.

The pricing of the TCL 40S5400 is one of its standout features. TCL is renown for providing excellent value, and this model is no exception. For customers on a tight budget who want a bigger screen TV without going overboard. And it’s an attractive option. Moreover The tcl 40 inch s5400 is a popular choice in the Pakistani market, known for its affordability and quality.

With a versatile AC 100-240V input range, it adapts easily to different power supplies. Making it suitable for various regions in Pakistan. This LED TV also offers an enhanced audio experience with its 2x8W built-in speakers, providing clear and immersive sound that complements its visual performance. Tcl 40 inch s5400 are very decent. Furthermore The combination of these features, along with its competitive pricing. Makes the TCL 40S5400 an attractive option for Pakistani consumers looking for an all-in-one entertainment solution that delivers both convenience and great audiovisual quality.

In terms of design, the TCL 40S5400 often features a sleek and modern look with small size, designed to complement various room settings. TCL s65a 43 inch compact size and lightweight build make it easy to place on a stand or wall-mount for a customized setup. Vist our website Nexgenshop and find out the Tcl 40s5400 price in Pakistan.


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