TCL 75P735 Price in Pakistan


  • LED UHD Smart DTV
  • Refresh rate 60Hz
  • 2 x 15W speakers



Brand   TCL
Model  p735
Size  75 inch
Resolution  3840×2160
HDR 10
USB  yes
Bluetooth  V5.1
OS  Android R
Remote Control Yes 
Refresh rate 60Hz
Speaker  2 x 15W

Main description:

The TCL p735 75 inch is a true marvel in the world of home entertainment, combining a massive 75-inch 4K UHD display with cutting-edge features that promise an unparalleled viewing experience. TCL 75p735 price in Pakistan is reasonable This Led represents the perfect blend of size, clarity, and affordability. Making it a standout choice for those in search of a cinematic journey within their living rooms.

At the core of the TCL p735 75 inch led is its awe-inspiring 4K Ultra High Definition resolution. With a pixel count four times that of a standard Full HD TV. This television delivers visuals with remarkable clarity and vivid colors. Whether you’re immersed in a blockbuster movie, watching your favorite sports, or indulging in a gaming session. The TCL 75P735 ensures that every detail is presented with stunning precision. Furthermore the colossal screen size enhances the immersive experience, creating a home theater-like ambiance that draws you in.

What makes the TCL p735 75 inch stand out is its impressive audio capabilities, powered by 2 x 15W speakers and enhanced with Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision technology. Moreover Connectivity options are abundant, with multiple HDMI and USB ports to effortlessly connect gaming consoles. Blu-ray players, and other external devices. Additionally, the TCL 75P735 supports screen mirroring. Enabling you to share content from your smartphone or tablet on the expansive screen.

The TCL 75P735 is more than just a television; it’s an invitation to a larger-than-life cinematic adventure right in your living room. With its remarkable 75-inch 4K UHD display, smart features, Affordable Tcl 75p735 price in Pakistan and an attractive price point, it’s the perfect choice for anyone in Pakistan looking to elevate their home entertainment experience without exceeding their budget. TCL’s 75P735 proves that excellence and affordability can go hand in hand.


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