Steamer for Clothes Price in Pakistan


  • 1000W with up to 20g/min continuous steam rate
  • 100ml detachable water tank up for an easy refill
  • Compact and foldable design
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Now get rid of heavy iron and boards because here is a quality steamer for clothes. Steamer for clothes price in Pakistan is at the best lowest. The handheld steamer is ergonomically designed to make your clothes neat and refreshing. Moreover, you don’t need an iron board to press your clothes because it works perfectly when clothes are on the mount. The compact and foldable steamer features a 100 ml detachable water cup that can be refilled easily to do its job. Undoubtedly, the steamer fights well against the wrinkles even clothes are hanging.

The efficient performance of a handheld steamer is only possible with a heavy power consumption of 1000 W. Above all, the use of a steamer is quite easy. Turn on it and within 30 seconds the indicator will talk about its readiness of it. Other than removing slight wrinkles the steamer removes the slight spots and odor from the clothes. Additionally, the steamer kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria from your clothes.

Whether you want to clean and refresh your clothes or curtain, the steamer is the perfect pick. So, adopt new stylish and low-cost products for your comfort. Get it now because steamer for clothes price in Pakistan stores is the cheapest. You can get this original steamer online from the NexGen shop.


Product Steamer for clothes
Housing Plastic
Power 1000 W
Readiness 30 s
Steam rate 20g/min


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