Standard Oven Toaster Price


  • Wide multi-purpose oven
  • 15-minute timer
  • 5-liter capacity
  • 650 W power consumption
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To enjoy heating, cooking, and making toast buy a standard oven toaster now. Quality and multi-purpose Standard Oven Toaster Price in Pakistan is highly affordable. Now, you can not only defrost, heat, and cook but also toast slices for the meal. It comes with a 2.5 l capacity and a wide easily removable tray. Moreover, it consumes 650 W power which makes it a High-performance oven.

Mostly, ovens become difficult to clean after every use. But, a standard oven toaster is unique. You can easily clean and assemble it when you are done cleaning. Besides, it features 15 minutes timer to schedule your making plan. If you are looking for a small and affordable oven for instant meal preparation then buy a standard oven toaster now. Equipped with Standardized technology to prevent it from internal damage. Standard oven toaster price in Pakistan is at the best lowest to help you out in the kitchen. You can buy it online from the NexGen online store.

NexGen is the only station where you find home and kitchen appliances at a low cost. Also, it offers a wide array of electronics that brings ease to your everyday work. Thus, land on our website and choose the superior product.

Features of Standard Oven Toaster:

Brand Standard
Product Standard oven toaster (2.5 l)
Color Red
Power 650 W
Voltage 220 V
Weight 2 KG


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