Slice Toaster price in Pakistan


  • Slide-out crumb tray
  • High rise bread lift
  • Integrated bun warmer
  • Adjustable browning setting
  • 900-watt power consumption
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Slice toaster price in Pakistan is high smart that one can easily buy this time-saving quality food product. Instant slice toaster features not only browning but also warming and defrosting. Moreover, you can adjust the browning setting to get your desired results. This toaster is unique as it gives an automatic pop-up when browning, warming, or heating is done. Besides, it gives a higher lift to slices. Undoubtedly, it is an efficient toaster that works according to our desires. Without powerful input of 900 W, it is impossible to enjoy a variety of desired features. To prevent overvoltage and heating, it is equipped with a thermal control system to function smoothly.

Like operation, a slice toaster is easy to clean after you use it. Besides, it comes with a long cable that gives it the freedom to work at any place on the shelves. Above all, there is room to store cable aside. If you are planning to buy a toaster then buy a multi-features slice toaster. Slice toaster price in Pakistan is accessible for everyone. Buy time-saving as well as power-saving toasters from the NexGen online shop.

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Features of Slice Toaster:

Product Slice toaster
Capacity 2 slices
Power 900 W
Defrost setting Available


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