Samsung CU8000 55 Inch Price


  • 50Hz refresh rate
  • 2CH speaker type
  • Bluetooth V5.2
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Brand Samsung
Model cu8000
Size 55-inch
Series 8
Resolution 3,840 x 2,160
Refresh rate 50Hz
Sound output 20W
Speaker type 2CH
Bluetooth V 5.2

Main description

HDR10 or HDR10+ media will appear excellent on it due to its wide color gamut. Overall, the Samsung CU8000 produces outstanding performance. It’s ideal for watching films in the dark because it has a broad color spectrum that favors dark, rich pictures. It is also appropriate for HDR material due to its wide color gamut. Use the Samsung Smart Hub to easily access TV shows, movies, and background entertainment on this Samsung 55-inch cu8000 TV, or visit the Samsung Gaming Hub to find a variety of excellent games.

You may view content that has been improved to 4K quality even more clearly than when it was first created. Pur Color allows you to see a wider variety of colors than standard RGB versions in this Samsung cu8000 55-inch. You may experience realistic image quality of anything from lush grass to a stunning sunset thanks to our cutting-edge color technology. Improve continuously.

On this Samsung TV, you may enjoy your favorite media in amazing 4K resolution. You can appreciate your TV’s features more since the Crystal Processor automatically changes the color, sound, and other components. As our Mega Contrast assesses and corrects each image, you can see more detail. Nexgen shop gives you the best Samsung cu8000 55-inch price.

Join the conversation using Object Tracking Sound Lite. You’ll enjoy 3D surround sound that moves with the action on the Samsung cu8000 TV screen thanks to our superb simulated top-channel audio. The best-ever combination of Samsung TVs and a Samsung sound bar will improve your audio experience. According to the Samsung 55-inch cu8000 specifications, this LED TV speaker and Q-Series and S-Series sound bar work as a single unit with Q-Symphony.

They may all be optimized in tandem to provide you with an excellently orchestrated sound experience. The user-friendly Samsung Smart TV Hub makes it simple to find content that everyone wants to watch. On a personalized home screen, you can access games, TV shows, and movies. The Samsung cu8000 55-inch price is budget-friendly according to its features.



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