Samsung 55 Inch CU7000


  • 150 W Power Consumption
  • 60Hz refresh rate
  • 3,840 x 2,160 resolution
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Brand Samsung
Model cu7000
Size 55 inch
Series 7
Resolution 3,840 x 2,160
Refresh rate 60Hz
Sound output 20W
Speaker type 2CH
Design Slim Look
Bluetooth V 5.2
Power Consumption 150 W

Main description:

The Samsung 55 inch cu7000 is a good television. It excels in playing bright, fast-paced video games, thanks to its fast response time in bright scenes and very little input lag in Game Mode. It’s a fantastic TV for watching sports because the quick, bright action is explicit. The on-screen image travels smoothly as motion performance features make automatic changes to ensure that you don’t miss anything. When it comes to 4K Televisions, the cu7000 Samsung 55 inch is the best option. With its 4k resolution, it can improve the picture quality, you can enjoy your favorite movies and games.

Support for HDR, which boosts contrast and lets you see an even wider color spectrum, is one of a 4K set’s most remarkable features. This 55 inch smart TV gives you the best viewing experience and it can give an aesthetic look when you place it in the living room. The Samsung cu7000 55 smart TV design seamlessly blends with modern home interiors. You may access Samsung Smart Hub and Samsung Gaming Hub on this Tizen-powered smart TV cu7000 55 by connecting it to your home network via Ethernet or Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac).

The 55 cu7000 smart TV comes with a lot of functions like virtual channels on Samsung TV Plus. So you may watch your favorite programs. Also with a straightforward on-screen guide, Universal Guide customizes recommendations for streaming. And live TV Compatible with SmartThings to manage your home’s smart gadgets. For easy voice control in this CU7000 smart TV, Google Assistant is supported and Alexa is built-in. It’s also fantastic for watching DVDs because it has good contrast and can remove judder from 24p sources.

The Samsung 55 inch smart TV is adequate for sports viewing. The latest LED TVs have a speedy response time in bright screen transitions. Which is ideal for sports because fast movement in bright situations will make it appear crisp and clear. The TV is particularly excellent at upscaling 720p footage, which is the most common quality for sports streaming. The Samsung cu7000 55 inch price is quite reasonable according to its features.  Together with the 4K HDR LED screen. And Samsung also uses Motion Accelerator technology to guarantee sharper images and Precolour to enhance color accuracy.

Pure Color allows you to see a more extensive range of colors than typical RGB models in this Samsung cu 7000 55 inch TV. With our unique color technology, which electronically changes and optimizes the colors on the screen of a Samsung 55 inch cu7000, you’ll enjoy true-to-life picture quality from the green turf on the football pitch to a stunning sunset right from the big screen. As contrast is increased in the front, each frame appears more realistic, and a sense of depth is imparted. It also comes with a remote letting you control the various functions and features. Nexgen shop gives you the best Samsung cu7000 55 inch price in Pakistan.


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