Samsung AU7000 55-inch price


  • 2000 PQI
  • HDR 10+
  • IPv6 Support
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Brand Samsung
Model AU7000
Product type LED
Size 55-inch
Resolution 3,840 x 2,160
Series 7
PQI (Picture Quality Index) 2000
HDR 10+ Support
Speaker Type 2 CH
Sound output 20 W
IPv6 Support Yes
Design New Bezel-less

Main description

In general, Samsung TVs offer excellent picture quality. The Samsung au7000 has superior contrast and is significantly brighter. The elegant and classy style of this 55-inch Samsung au7000 pulls your attention to the clearest image. You were made with a limitless design that raises the bar and an effortless minimalist aesthetic from every perspective. Thanks to powerful 4K upscaling, you can enjoy your favourite video in up to 4K resolution.

You will also notice more realistic colours feelings because of its sophisticated color-mapping technology. Your eyes will receive the crisp, clear images they deserve from a 4K UHD TV with four times as many pixels as regular FHD. Now, even the most minor components of the scene can be seen. Visit our website to check the Samsung au7000 55-inch price.

The Samsung au7000 55-inch dimensions are 1386 x 843 x 158 mm. A high dynamic range TV enables you to view a wide range of colours and all the fine details in even the darkest scenes by expanding the scope of light levels on your LED TV. Enjoy a clean picture and performance since it automatically evaluates and adapts frames for the source of contents. The Samsung au7000 55-inch specifications include 20W of sound output power.

The sound becomes more intense the higher the power. This implies that the TV can produce a louder volume and that the sound quality will improve with increased loudness. The Samsung au7000 55-inch price is budget-friendly and offers decent features.


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