Room Humidifier Price in Pakistan


  • 5 L capacity
  • 30 W power consumption
  • Auto-turn off features
  • Ultrasonic function
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To end the dryness of your surrounding, a quality room humidifier must be your only choice. Therefore, the Room humidifier price in Pakistan is highly reasonable to help you to end dryness. This quality humidifier for cough has 5 liters large-capacity water tank. Moreover, it consumes 30 W power to kill the dryness of your room. Besides, it features an auto-turn-off system to prevent damage. Wherever the diffuser for a room is running out of water, it turns off automatically.

If AC always remains functional in your room, then dryness overpowers there. Dryness causes itching and irritation of the skin and throat.  it causes severe breathing issues in old and young ones. To get rid of this discomfort, install a quality air humidifier and purifier in the room. The superior room humidifier price in Pakistan is quite reasonable for those who desire comfort at. Undoubtedly, it is the perfect solution for the room environment as well as human health.

If you face chronic dryness in your room, then buy a humidity Controller to enjoy comfort. NexGen online shop brings a wide range of room air humidifiers in Pakistan also at the best lowest cost. Browse the website and choose the best one. NexGen is renowned for the superior products that it sells nationwide. It offers IT, household, and kitchen appliances to its customers anywhere. Thus, connect with us, if you want aroma diffuser energy-saving, humidifiers cool mist lightweight and long-lasting tools.

Features of Room Humidifier:

Product Room humidifier
Housing Plastic
Power 30 W
Capacity 5 L


  • Water tank capacity: 2000 ml
  • Product material: ABS/PP
  • Regular spray: 12 hours
  • Product size: 130*130*159mm
  • Use power: 5V/1A
  • 2000ml large capacity.
  • Continuous Air humidification is effective.
  • New atomization Best technology, ice mist particles as small as 0.05, slightly moist and non-wetting.
  • Adding water at a time can keep humidifying for 12 hours.

Package Included:

  • 1*Humidifier
  • 1*Data cable


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