Orient 4K UHD Fantasy LED 50 Inch price in Pakistan 2022


  • USB 3.0
  • 8 GB Memory
  • Sound Bar
Availability: Out of stock SKU: FAN-UHD-50S


If you’re looking for affordable Orient 4K UHD Fantasy LED 50 Inch price in Pakistan 2022, move to our online store. It supports 3 USB ports with 8 GB of memory. 

Display Size 50″
Screen Type LED
HD Technology & Resolution UHD,3840×2160
Headphone Jack Yes


The Orient 4K UHD Fantasy LED 50 Inch price in Pakistan 2022 at reasonable for every user. 50 inch best led tv is a high-end LED TV from Orient. The 50 inch led dimensions are a 4K streaming engine with an impressive 50-inch display—brilliant TV support with the Opera operating system, USB + HDMI connectivity, and HDR technology. With good contrast, bright colors, with enough brightness, the image quality is fantastic.The elegant and slim design allows you to set up the led anywhere you want in your room.

If you are looking for an affordable 4K Smart LED TV that does not break the bank, then the 50-inch best-led tv is a choice worth considering. A LED is a liquid crystal display backlit by LEDs rather than standard fluorescent tubing. An LED TV should be distinct from the OLED variety, a TV that features an electroluminescent layer comprised of a film of organic compounds. An OLED TV is a self-illuminating display that does not need a backlight, unlike an LED TV. Given that it is essentially a backlit LCD TV, its title, “LED TV,” is a bit misleading.


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