Meat Grinder Machine Price in Pakistan


  • 2000W power consumption
  • Plastic housing
  • Capacity 2Kg/min
  • Stainless steel die-cast blade
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Now, try different recipes of Meat kabab every day because the Meat grinder machine price in Pakistan is reasonable for everyone. This small and durable plastic-housed machine comprises sharp stainless-steel blades that grind the meat finely. Moreover, it comes with a sharp cutter head. In a short time, you can grind a pile of meat, chicken, and beef. The main force behind this sharp meat grinder machine is the powerful 2000 W pure copper motor which makes this machine a highly efficient product.

Besides, it features a reverse function to let you get appropriate minced and grounded meat. Mostly, unhygienic conditions are faced by routine users of meat grinder machines. But, this white, plastic, and lightweight electric meat grinder machine is different. You can easily remove the plates, and sieve plates, and clean thoroughly with liquid soaps. If you want to enjoy juicy meatballs, meat burgers, kabab, and much more get this machine now. Undoubtedly, the Meat grinder machine price in Pakistan is affordable for everyone. Enjoy hygienic meat and meal at home.

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Features of Meat Grinder Machine:

Product Meat grinder machine
Color White
Power 2000W
Capacity 2 kg
Housing Plastic
Blades material Stainless steel


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