Kotohira 600VA Line Interactive UPS


  • Avoids electric fluctuation
  • Prevents from sparks
  • Premium quality UPS battery
  • LCD Display
  • Battery Capacity of 600 VA
  • Less power consumption
  • Quality performance
  • Affordable rate
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Load-shedding has disturbed every sector of life. So, life is not over here. There is an alternative to deal with this severe problem. This is Kotohira 600VA Line Interactive UPS that has Japanese technology.  A unique design lets it work for a longer period. It has many features that the rest of the UPS’s lack.

For example, 600 VA battery capacity and less consumption of power. Later one is quite essential for your monthly budget. Kotohira 600VA Line Interactive UPS also prevents sparks whenever there is sudden electric fluctuation. Necessarily, this Kotohira product is not only designed for power alternatives but it can also run small industries.

Undoubtedly, Kotohira UPS is the best alternative to sudden or long-lasting electric breakdowns. To make your working smooth, bring it to your home. You can easily buy it from NexGen Store. Then, visit us for a highly reliable UPS. We also offer one year warranty on our products.  NexGen is a household name because of its reliable and premium quality electronic gadgets. In this busy era, we also ship whatever you add to the cart. Enjoy continuous work hours with NexGen.


Brand Kotohira
Series/Model 600 V A
Frequency 50 Hz ± 10%
Dimensions 101 x 297 x 142 mm
Battery Sealed Lead Acid Maintenance Free Battery
Recharge time 4-6 hour(s)
Light source LCD Display, UPS Operational Status, BAT Fault, another fault information
Power consumption 290 V A
Voltage 220 V
Weight in – lbs. 9.5200




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