Baseus Shooting Game Tool for Tablets


  • Extra Button Grip
  • More intimate silicone protection
  • Adjustable and block-free
  • Press and shoot exactly
  • Lightweight, convenient, and small size
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Now you can also powerfully play gaming. Because we bring Baseus Shooting Game Tool for Tablets. With help of this tool, you can shoot while aiming like a killer. Not only this but you can also react faster than other players. Moreover, you can play with 4 fingers and easily win in any virtual battle.

Baseus Shooting Game Tool is small and convenient to handle. Its silicone cushions give a powerful grip on your devices. So, the fear of scratches and any fall vanishes. If you are looking for any game shooting tool then go for Baseus. This is compatible with every tablet thinner than 1 cm.

You can get any playing tool from the NexGen online store at a highly reasonable price. Browse the website and explore the stock. NexGen promises quality. Gaming scoring tool for tablets. This is lightweight, convenient, and small in size. Easy to store and transport.

With an airplane design that makes it fashionable and cool. With 4 fingers in play, you can react faster than other players. In shooters like PUBG, you can shoot while aiming. Say goodbye to awkward standstill shooting without moving situations. Small size and adjustable installation position – no blocking of games playing sightline – no impact on the experience.

Features of Baseus Shooting:

Brand Baseus
Name Shooting Game Tool
Material PC
Compatibility Tablets with 1 cm max thickness
Size 5,1 x 3,6 x 2,8 cm
Weight 37 grams


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