Inductive Rainbow Color LED Flash Drink Cup


  • High Quality
  • Flash LED light when water or soft drinks in this
  • Creative and Easy to use
  • Replaceable batteries from Bottom


This is a high-quality beautiful Inductive Rainbow Color LED Flash Drink Cup. It comes with a fascinating LED light when water or soft drinks are in it. It glows with multiple colors of blue, pink, yellow, and red lights. It looks fantastic on any desk. You can use it for kids or yourself.

Furthermore, you can replace its batteries when they have died down. Moreover, the LED Flash Drink Cup is a beautiful piece to put on your shelves and desks for decoration.

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Features of Inductive Rainbow Color:

Material Acrylic organic glass
Light 5 LEDs
Capacity 200ml, 7 oz
Size Opening diameter 2.87″ (7.3cm) / Height 3.35″ (8.5cm)
Power 2 x 3V CR2025 Button Battery (included
Duration 10-40H
Weight 125g
Color The color of the light changes automatically.


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