Baseus Simple Mini Magnetic Wireless Charger Price


  • Interface: USB Type C PD protocol
  • Input Current: DC 5V/2A, 9V/2.67A Max
  • Compatibility: Only supports for iPhone 12 series with magnetic wireless charging
  • MATERIAL: Aluminum Alloy, Tempered Glass + TPE
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For all the people who are always on the go nowadays and always have this anxiety in their head that what if their battery dies? Then we have the product for you. This baseus simple mini magnetic wireless charger is the best answer to your prayers. This device is a fast and fashionable wireless charger that can charge your phones and devices without being plugged into a socket. You can change this and then take it anywhere you like without worrying if you will find an electric socket or not.

This device will charge your laptops, smartphones, and other devices easily. The best part is that It is small, lightweight, and compact, so it can be easily packed into the computer bag and supports plug-and-play without installing the driver. This device will save you when you need your devices, but they run out of battery life. You can easily plug them into this device and then keep using them anywhere. The classic black design is a modern and clean design for this device that goes with all your other devices and outfit! This baseus simple mini magnetic wireless charger is a favorite on the NexGen marketplace.

Features of Baseus Simple Mini:

Brand Baseus
NameBaseus Simple Mini Magnetic Wireless Charger
MaterialAluminum alloy + Tempered glass+TPE 
InterfaceType-C PD protocol
Input Current DC 5V/2A, 9V/2.67A Max.

(It is recommended to use the PD adapter with a power of 18W or above.)

Output Power15W Max.
Compatibility Only supports IP 12 series with magnetic wireless charging function 
Length 1.5m
Product Size65.6mm*60.6mm*6.5mm (Without packaging)
Product Weight60.0g (Without packaging)



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