Ecostar led 40 inch android price in Pakistan (CX-40U871)


  • Android 11 OS
  • Bluetooth V5.0
  • 1920×1080 resolution
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Brand Ecostar
Model CX-40U871
Screen size 40-inch
Display Technology LED 
OS Android 11
Resolution 4K Full HD
Bluetooth V5.0
Power supply AC 100-240V~ 50/60Hz
Stand By <0.5 W


Main description

Ecostar LED 40 inch Android is created in such a way that you may enjoy a perfect balance of rich sound and flawless picture quality, as well as several technical advances. Along with a 40-inch display and 4K super HD and HDR10 technology, Ecostar Android TV includes HLG (Hybrid Log Gamma) technology. Which helps to upscale broadcast signals for a fully refined experience when watching broadcast cable, satellite, or live TV.

The Ecostar cx 40u871 is integrated with Dolby Vision to bring life to your entertainment, resulting in ultra-vivid picture clarity, brighter highlights, and darker shadows that add additional depth to your material. The strong speakers and advanced decoding technology provide you with the immersive sound you’ve always desired from all angles. The Ecostar LED 40-inch Android price in Pakistan (CX-40U871) is reasonable on our website.

Ecostar 40u871 LED TV, in other words, is truly an Android TV that works on the Android operating system and supports all android smart TV capabilities. Ecostar cx-40u871 has built-in apps like YouTube, Netflix, and Amazon Prime Video that let you enjoy nonstop streaming. Moreover, Ecostar LED android, like superior picture quality has a mesmerizing audio system that features noise reduction technology. Mostly, the Android TV settings become troublesome but the Ecostar LED remote for Android makes it all easier. You can control your TV from a distance without shifting your position. 

Ecostar LED 40-inch TV is designed to complete your ideal TV viewing experience with the exciting addition of Bluetooth 5.0. Bluetooth 5.0 enables simultaneous connection of up to five devices. In addition, it supports multiple connectivity options (e.g., HDMI, USB). It enables you to arrange an unforgettable game night with friends, where you can fully enjoy it with your family. It also allows you to connect your wireless controller to the TV. As well as wireless headphones, so you can immerse yourself in your favorite game.

To have a beautiful musical night connect your wireless sound system to your Ecostar LED 40-inch and your phone via Bluetooth. You can also connect your wireless remote control to offer guidance to your TV at the same time. If you are looking for a TV for your bedroom then Ecostar 40 inch might be the ideal choice. Above all, Ecostar wifi LED TV price in Pakistan is highly budget-friendly.

Make your choice now, because Ecostar LED price in Pakistan 40 inch is what you can afford for the massive entertainment.  Browse the Pakistan online IT store, Nexgen to grab your desired TV.  NEXGEN shop gives you the best Ecostar LED 40-inch Android price in Pakistan (CX-40U871).


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