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  • Model: ARAF-3214-D
  • Product: Digital air fryer
  • Rapid air cook technology
  • Automatic shut off
  • Remove the able nonstick coated drawer
  • Cooks up to 200C°
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Lessens your body fats and weight with oil-free food. Get a premium digital air fryer in Pakistan at the best prices. Lightweight, low-fat fryers and multi-cookers have become needs of the health-conscious people. Moreover, a digital air fryer allows you to fry, bake, grill, and roast the meat with less use of fats compared to other old fryers. Also, it is equipped with rapid air technology that circulates air freely and resists smells.

So, you can enjoy a natural aromatic meal every time. As it is a digital air fryer in Pakistan you can easily set the pre-cooking timer for up to 30 minutes. Besides, it controls the time and temperature as well. Surprisingly, it can cook meals up to 200 C°. Mostly, digital kitchen appliances become difficult to operate for the common people. But this unique fryer is easy to use.

The removal of the nonstick drawer, time, and temperature adjustment is too easy. Additionally, the internal parts are washable and easy to clean. Get this high-power 1425 W performance Digital fryer now. The digital airs fryer price in Pakistan is set according to your expectations.

You can get a wide range of digital air fryers and the rest of the kitchen appliances from the NexGen online shop. NexGen offers a comprehensive list of products at the best lowest cost in Pakistan to bring ease to your daily work.

Features of Digital Air Fryer:

Product Digital air fryer
Color Black
Frequency 50/60  Hz
Power 1425 W
Voltage 230 V
Material Plastic body
Cord length 1.8 m
Dimension 287 x 315 x 384  mm
Weight 0.8 Kg



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