Audionic PWM-100 Mic for Speaker

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  • It has elegant look in addition to a metallic gold body
  • Flexible 5 m wire
  • Also, have detachable cable feature
  • Produces loud as well as clear sound


Undoubtedly, resonating sound at any gathering is quite important. Either you are speaking to the public or performing in front of a packed stadium. Therefore, Audionic brings its recent product which is an audioic PWM-100 mic for speakers. This is durable as well as a vibrant mic.

Furthermore, it has a wire of 5 m flexible wire. Due to flexibility, you can easily move along. Audionic PWM-100 MIC has a very easy grip site. What really matters in sound products is obviously the sound factor. Therefore, this Audionic mic is the perfect sound tool to make your public as well as private gathering more vibrant.

Moreover, this Audionic mic has a soft button that you can easily use for ON and OFF purposes. In conclusion, likewise the rest of the Audionic sound products this PWM 100 mic is an ideal product. Finally, don’t wait anymore, just come to the NexGen store to pick it up.

Recently, NexGen has become a super business hub for unique and elegant electronic gadgets. We not only let you purchase our products from stores but we also ship our products in environmentally friendly packaging. Thus, place your order as soon as possible and we would just deliver it to you.


This is suitable for indoor or outdoor performances, and home events. OFF/ON Switch Clear Sound, Small Size 5 meters of flexible wire with a metal gold body are detachable cable.


It has easy to carry like a briefcase-style and is suitable for indoor and outdoor activities. This has easy to carry in your hands.


This mic has an excellent sound product. This is used for indoor and outdoor gatherings.

Features of PWM-100 mic:

Brand Audionic
Body Metal gold
Size compact
Cable length 5 m
Sound Crystal clear
Button Yes, for ON/OFF
Wire type Flexible
Cable Detachable


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