Boya M1 pro price in Pakistan

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  • High-quality sound
  • Condenser microphone with 6m (20′) length cable
  • Flat frequency response



Brand  BOYA
Model BOYA M1
Color Black 
Cable length 6m(20′)
Polar pattern Omni-directional
Frequency response 65Hz-18KHz
Signal/Noise 74dB or more
Output Impedance 1000Ω or less
Power requirement LR44
Package Foam windscreen, lapel clip, 1/4” adapter and LR44 battery included
Compatibility Cameras, smartphones, and computers
Weight 18 g 

Main description

If you are a beginner and want to experience mesmerizing sound, the BOYA microphone might be the best choice. Above all, the BOYA M1 original mic price in pakistan is at the best lowest.
The BOYA By M1 Price in Pakistan has made people an ideal choice. BOYA M1 mic can pick up sounds coming from all angles. This microphone will only slightly improve noise cancellation and isolation. As a result, you must keep the area around you quiet. One LR44 battery can power the microphone for up to long hours. BOYA by-M1 omnidirectional has a 3.5mm 4-pole TRRS output connector. It allows you to attach it to a camera or camcorder in “camera” mode and to a smartphone or computer in “OFF/Smartphone” mode.

Additionally, BOYA By M1 Price in Pakistan is very reasonable. This BOYA wireless mic for mobile 6m covers cable allows it to transmit broadcast-quality sound from a 360 degree. It has two modes, a camera mode, and a smartphone mode, so you can utilize it for the work you want to do. In a nutshell, it is the ultimate partner of smartphones.  If you are looking at the BOYA mic price in Pakistan that matches your budget, then browse the NexGen online shop. Here, you find the best mobile products and necessary gadgets at a highly reasonable cost. 

More details about the Product:

High-Quality Audio Pickup

It has a specially made omnidirectional signal capsule. It records sound in broadcast quality from a 360-degree. And, It features noise reduction technology that helps in handling noise. It has a 6 m (20 ft) insulated wire that connects to your recording device. You can record every last audio, signal-to-noise ratio, and flat frequency response while experiencing less self-noise and high microphone performance. 

Two Recording Modes

The BY-M1 can be connected to a camera or camcorder while in “camera” mode and, when in “OFF/Smartphone” mode, to a PC or smartphone.

Every Necessary Accessory Is Included

Lapel clip, foam windscreen, LR44 battery for “camera” mode, 1/4″ audio converter for an additional suitable device. It carries a pouch for secure protection accessories. In addition, the compact design and tangle-free wire make it portability feasible.


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