Boya M1 pro price in Pakistan


  • 65 Hz ~ 18 KHz frequency
  • 1000 Ohm impedance
  • 30 dB sensitivity


Brand Boya
Model M1 pro
Transducer Electret condenser
Polar Pattern Omni-directional
Frequency range 65 Hz ~ 18 KHz
Signal/Noise 78 dB SPL
Sensitivity 30 dB
Output impedance 1000 Ohm or less
Connector 3.5mm
Dimensions 6.0m
Weight 58g
Battery type LR44 included (compatible with LR44, 357, and SR44)

Main description

The Small wired microphones are called lavalier microphones, commonly referred to as lapel microphones or clip-on microphones. These are frequently used in broadcasting and filmmaking. To get the finest quality from this mic, it’s essential to consider its distance from the sound source. Further a universal Lavalier microphone that works with cellphones, PCs, cameras, audio recorders, and other recording equipment is the Boya M1 pro microphone.

The Boya by m1 pro can enable consistent signal transmission and adapt to a long-distance recording environment thanks to its long 6m length cable design. Users can obtain a clear sound and a free domain with the help of a foam windscreen and lapel clip. Visit our website to check the Boya m1 pro price in Pakistan.

The Boya by m1 pro effectively minimizes unwanted plosive sounds when the subject sound is solid. And close to the microphone thanks to a -10dB pad switch, ensuring the recording is always evident. Furthermore Users can listen to sound in smartphone mode thanks to the bottom-mounted 3/8″ headphone port. The Boya by m1 pro has a top-notch condenser, making it perfect for usage in videos.

You may experience high-quality audio with a universal Lavalier microphone compatible with cellphones, PCs, cameras,audio recorders, and other recording equipment. Moreover This microphone is inexpensive to get, simple to operate and produces some excellent effects. Nexgen shop gives you the best Boya m1 pro price in Pakistan; you will love it.


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