Audionic SPARK 707 Rechargeable

  • 360 Omni Directional Sound
  • Woofer 8 Inches X 2 and Tweeter 3 Inches X 2
  • Powerful rechargeable battery
  • Light and compact design
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The sound master always comes with a stunning audio tool and this time is Audionic SPARK 707 Rechargeable speaker. This 4 bands equalizer speaker supports 360 Omnidirectional sounds. Due to this portable speaker, the surrounding is filled with quality sound. Moreover, this speaker supports the USB to let you enjoy your desired playlist. Moreover, the powerful Bluetooth version allows the speaker to connect with all Bluetooth devices easily.

Besides, the built-in FM radio doubles the fun when your favorite music program is broadcasted on the radio. Now, you can pair up devices in the range of 10 meters. Like other quality Audionic speakers, Audionic SPARK 707 rechargeable comes with a wireless mic. The powerful 8 inches subwoofer gives out a stereo loud sound that resonates with the atmosphere to the fullest.

Undoubtedly, we always look for long playing time audio tools, and this Audionic speaker fulfills this demand. The long battery life makes this Audionic speaker users only choice. Additionally, this remote-control speaker also features the best display system. The LED display makes it super elegant when it sounds in the dark. If you are roaming around to find a low-cost but premium Audionic speaker then buys SPARK 707.

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Brand Audionic
Model SPARK 707
Sound quality 360 Omnidirectional
Driver unit Woofer 8 Inches X 2 and Tweeter 3 Inches X 2
Output power 20x2W (RMS)
Karaoke port Karaoke port x 2
Weight 4kg


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