Yunteng Bolt Mount Universal Smartphones Holder


  • It holds any smartphone
  • Device holding size ranges from 52 mm to 152 mm
  • The camera can be held in it
  • Best mount adapter for camera shooting
  • Knob for length adjustment
  • The use of plastic and PVC makes the holder lighter and durable
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While clicking photos or recording videos, setting the angels of smartphones is not an easy task. To make your clicks more real, there is Yunteng Bolt Mount Universal Smartphones Holder. This holder not only grips smartphones but also cameras of size between 52 to 152 mm.

The plastic composition makes it lightweight as well as more durable. Most phone holders lack anti-scratching pads but Yunteng Bolt Mount Universal Smartphones Holder is unique. Moreover, a knob on the side makes its operation easy. The length of the holder is adjusted by rotating the knob.

From now on, you can enjoy smooth shooting by adjusting this holder with a tripod with help of a screw mount. Undoubtedly, sturdy material and sophisticated design let it endure a long shooting time. Thus, bring it to your home to click memorable and perfect images of your fun time.

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  • Brand: Yunteng
  • Name: Bolt Mount
  • Color: Black
  • Mount size:52 – 105 mm
  • Weight:55 g
  • Material: ABS Plastic
  • Maximum Operating height:105 mm


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