PUBG Game Mobile Controller


  • Model: W11+
  • Quite easy to control
  • Highly flexible operation
  • Compact as well as portable
  • The stretchable body that makes it flexible
  • Single point support for phone
  • EV footpad that prevents the phone from spillage
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In PUBG everything is unexpected. Therefore, an unexpected tool has been designed for digital players. W11+ PUGB Mobile Game Controller Free FIRE is for PUBG lovers. It is compatible with phones that have a display range between 4.7-6.5 inches. This uniquely designed W11+ PUGB Mobile Game Controller Free Fire has a stand as well as a gamepad for mobile phones.

A smooth trigger button makes its control smooth and comfy. Moreover, this game controller is made of fine material that makes it compact as well as durable. It is lightweight and easily adjustable in hands.  Above all, the main body brackets are stretchable. To avoid spillage EV pad is attached to the points where the phone contacts the game controller.

W11+ PUGB Mobile Game Controller Free Fire is super compatible with PUBG mobile Rules of Survival (ROS).

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Model W 11+
Brand At- Alfa
Material ABS
Weight 125 g
Size 158 * 124 * 37 mm
Length 33 mm
Compatibility IOS and Android
Game Compatibility PUBG mobile Rules of Survival (ROS)
Stretchable brackets Yes
Color White / Black



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