Samsung QLed Q60b 65 inch


  • 50Hz refresh rate
  • 20W sound output
  • Bluetooth V5.2
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Brand Samsung
Model 65Q60B
Size 65 inch
Design AirSlim
Series 6
Resolution 3,840 x 2,160
Refresh rate 50Hz
Contrast Dual LED
Sound Output 20W
Speaker type 2CH
Bluetooth V5.2

Main description:

The world’s leading TV maker, Samsung, offers the Q60B, which strikes the perfect mix between cost and capability. With an incredibly small frame, a slim profile from the side, and even tiny stand legs, the Samsung qled q60b 65 inch sticks out from the sea of entry-level TVs. The stand’s wide-spaced plastic feet provide sturdy support for the TV. The remote from Samsung is a stylish, circular candy bar that stands out in several ways.

The raised volume and channel bars are a lovely alternative to traditional buttons, the keys are thoughtfully positioned, clean, bright colors, and nicely limited, and the shiny wrap finish feels high-end. QLED technology is the Q60B’s defining characteristic. Moreover It enhances existing LED panel technology to boost brightness and color and performs admirably on the Q60B. The TV takes advantage of Samsung’s dual-LED backlighting technology, which uses warm and cold LEDs to increase color accuracy.

Use SmartThings on the TV to take control of your compatible connected devices. The Samsung qled q60b 65 inch screen does a fantastic job of minimizing reflections. Furthermore Sitting in front of strong lights effectively dimmed my reflection. The rear panel of this thin Samsung qled 65q60b TV, constructed entirely of plastic, flexes quite close to the mounting holes and the inputs.

The Q60B is ideal if you’re determined on Samsung’s distinctive features but need help to buy a step-up model. If you want to buy this QLED TV, then visit our website. Nexgen shop gives you the best Samsung 65q60b price.


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