Samsung Qled 65 Inch price in Pakistan (65Q80C)


  • 100Hz refresh rate
  • 40 W sound output
  • 305 W power
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Brand Samsung
Model 65Q80C
Series 8
Size 65 inch
Resolution 3,840 x 2,160
Refresh rate 100Hz
HDR 10+ Yes
HDR Quantum HDR+
Sound Output 40 W
Speaker type 2.2 CH
Bluetooth V5.2
Bezel Type 4 Bezel-less
Power Consumption 305 W
Remote Controller Model TM2360E

Main description

Direct Full Array and Dolby Atmos technology highlight the Samsung q80c 65 sophisticated audio/visual experience. Not to mention the quick conversion to brilliant 4K resolution by the powerful Quantum Processor. Using our Direct Full Array technology, which carefully regulates the lighting over the entire image, you can see great contrast even in rooms that receive a lot of sunlight. You know when you visit.

As the idea comes to life on your Samsung 65q80c screen, get lost in the intricacies and relive the magic of the silver screen. Using this LED‘s fantastic virtual top channel audio, you’ll hear 3D surround sound accompanying the movement on the screen. Visit our website to check the Samsung Qled 65-inch price in Pakistan (65Q80C).

Sit back and watch while your content gets convert to 4K. Whether viewing an HD movie, live sports, or looking through old family movies, it’ll all be turned into precise 4K quality thanks to our high-performance. AI-powered processor that enhances your content scene by scene. Catching the latest films on a wide screen at home, rather than at the theatre. Will feel even more immersive, with rich textures and vivid colours.

Increase the intensity of the experience with Quantum HDR+, which analyses and improves each scene to give exceptional brightness and a wide range of contrast. The best TV and soundbar combination from Samsung q80c 65 will enhance your audio. With Q-Symphony, your TV speakers and Q-Series or S-Series soundbar work together as a single unit. The Samsung Qled 65-inch price in Pakistan (65Q80C) is budget-friendly according to its features.


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