Samsung CU8000 85 Inch


  • Support HDR 10+
  • 200 motion rate
  • 20W sound output
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Brand Samsung
Model cu8000
Series 8
Size 85 inch
Resolution 3,840 x 2,160
Motion rate 200
HDR 10+ Support
Sound Output 20W
Speaker Type 2CH
Bluetooth V 5.2
Bezel type 3 Bezel-less

Main description

Watch your favorite media in stunning 4K resolution. As the Crystal Processor alters color, sound, and other elements automatically, you can enjoy your Samsung cu8000 85-inch TV features more. You can still appreciate the video you’re watching, even if it wasn’t created in 4K. Its sleek profile makes it stand out from the competitors and makes it the ideal fit for any environment. Speak up; your preferred voice assistant is available to assist. Your Samsung LED TV comes equipped with voice assistants.

Just use your voice to access the content you love, manage your connected home, and do much more. With the cutting-edge Solar Cell Remote, sustainability will be amplified. It has a solar panel for charging and other smart features, like an integrated microphone for use with your preferred voice assistant. The Samsung 85 cu8000 is the best TV and sound bar combination ever from Samsung that will enhance your audio.

The Samsung cu8000 85-inch TV speakers and Q-Series and S-Series sound bar work together as a single unit with Q-Symphony. Together, they can maximize each channel to give you an expertly crafted sound experience. Now, you can satisfy your demand for speed with fast-paced sports, entertainment, and activities while also taking in sharp, precise details. Motion performance features automatically modify the picture onscreen as it moves to ensure you don’t miss anything.

As contrast increases in the front, each frame seems more realistic and has a greater sense of depth in this Samsung 85-inch UHD TV. Amazing details are shown, highlighting the focal points of whatever you’re seeing. With Object Tracking Sound Lite, join the conversation. Thanks to our incredible simulated top-channel audio, you’ll enjoy 3D surround sound that moves with the action on the screen.


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