Samsung 85 inch 4k tv price in Pakistan (85Q70C)


  • 3,840 x 2,160 resolution
  • Bluetooth V5.2
  • 100Hz refresh rate
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Brand Samsung
Model 85Q70C
Product type Qled
Series 7
Size 85 inch
Resolution 3,840 x 2,160
Refresh rate 100Hz
Q-Symphony Yes
Bluetooth V 5.2
Design AirSlim
Power Consumption 365W

Main description

A quantum light-emitting diode, or QLED, emits light using quantum dots. These tiny dots, created when a bright light passes through them, are particles that combine to form a picture. Because of the similar names, many people might mistake QLED for an OLED variant. The panel, however, is a different technology and is more closely related to LCDs because of how it operates. The top 85-inch TVs are large and include some of the most cutting-edge TV technology and provide an immersive home theatre experience.

The Samsung q70c 85 inch is a high-value mid-range 4K QLED screen suitable for regular TV viewing and console gaming. It is a beautiful TV for viewing in bright rooms. ‎The Samsung 85-inch TV measurements include 1901.7 x 1086.1 x 26.9 inches. Visit our website to check the Samsung 85-inch 4k TV price in Pakistan (85Q70C).

If you watch films in a bright room, the picture quality is excellent, and the audio is engaging enough to prevent the need for a separate soundbar. An 85-inch LED TV can be wall-mounted. However, the Samsung q70c 85 inch is large and weighty. To support an 85-inch TV, your wall must be strong enough, so check that it is. Improve content curation and discovery so you can stream your favourite movies, games, and shows instead of wasting time searching for them.

The Quantum HDR luminance range is based on internal testing criteria and is flexible depending on the viewing environment or requirements. Take full advantage of each image’s remarkable characteristics. With HDR10+’s dynamic tone mapping, images have richer blacks and always stand out. The Samsung 85 inch 4k TV price in Pakistan (85Q70C) is reasonable according to its features.


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