Ring StickUp Cam Battery vs Ring Spotlight Cam

Ring cameras maker is trying eagerly to help people see and talk with any person outside your home. For this purpose, the ring company has added Ring Stick Up Cam and Ring Spotlight Cam. There are many other security cameras, but today we are comparing these (Ring StickUp Cam Battery vs Ring Spotlight Cam) two cameras.

Ring Stick Up Cam Battery

Ring Stick Up Cam is an indoor/outdoor cam connected to your mobile, and it sends a notification when some movement is detected. To talk with anyone on camera, you need to answer the message and speak with that person from anywhere. With this Cam, you can see anytime what is happening at home.

Ring Stick up Cam Battery Features

  • 1080p HD Resolution
  • Two-way audio
  • HD video recording
  • Viewing angle 130°
  • 1-year battery life
  • Easily chargeable
  • Use ring camera with solar panel

Where to Install:

Ring profess that you can install it on any surface. Its various power supply options, flexible mounting, and smaller size give you several choices where to install it.

You can install a Stick cam with your fence to keep an eye on your privacy fence’s inside activities. When you buy a battery version, you can install it anywhere you want to keep an eye on because it does not require a plugin with any outlet, unlike other hard-wired cameras.

Ring Spotlight Cam

Ring Spotlight Cam provides adequate security with its minimalist design. It includes plenty of features at a low price. You don’t have to plug in your camera due to its battery and solar power versions. You can connect your camera with Alexa and enable announcements to be alerted when motion is detected.

Ring Spotlight Cam Features

  • 1080p HD Resolution
  • Battery version: 3-6 month battery life
  • Affordable price
  • 140° field view
  • 160° motion detection
  • 110-decibel alarm

Where to Install:

You can place the camera anywhere you want according to the multiple power source options. If you have a wired camera, you have to put the camera near an outlet to plug in the camera but if you have a solar version, then make sure that it gets a few hours of sunlight per day. Suppose you buy the battery version of this camera. In that case, you can install this camera anywhere you want because it does not require any outlet like other hard-wired security cameras. You have to make sure that your wifi connection reaches the camera.


When you have a tight budget but still want plenty of options, Ring Stick Up Cam is the best option. This Cam has a good footage view of 1080p at a very affordable price as compared to others. With the differences mentioned in the Ring cameras, there are also some similarities in both cams.

Now it all depends on you what kind of features you are looking for and what price range and security you want, and then you can choose which Ring Cam is the best option for your home.

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