Benefits of having DSLR Camera

DSLR has overtaken the market successfully by replacing the ancient film cameras. You must be feeling like an outcast if you don’t own one because nowadays you can find this trendy camera everywhere.
Moreover, you might be wondering what your smartphone works quite well in taking pictures, then why go for an expensive camera? Well, we are going to give you some reasons why you should own a DSLR.

1) It provides unrivaled image quality 

The cameras available today can accomplish remarkable things. One of the best digital cameras can even rival telescopes. People can examine the surface of the moon with the exceptional imaging capacity. It sounds as amazing as it actually is.
It has all become possible because of the advanced imaging-sensor technology used in DSLR cameras. It is because of these sensors that we are able to see things on a whole new level.
However, the imaging quality varies with the model and the type of camera. For instance, the quality differs between the enthusiast-level or beginner level cameras and professional level cameras.
It would be accurate to say that the more expensive the camera you can afford, the better will be the imaging quality.

2) The wide range of accessories

The fact that you can even evolve your regular digital camera into a professional camera just by using the right accessories makes it desirable.
For accessories, there are a plethora of options by which you can upgrade your photography.
Here are some DSLR camera accessories readily available in Pakistan:

  • External flash: If you have found the built-in external flash incompetent, then for indoor
    photography, you should opt an external flash such as Nikon SB-700 AF Speedlight
    Flash and Altura flash kit for Nikon.
  • UV filters: As the name suggests, it filters out the Ultra-violet portion of electromagnetic
    waves making your photography experience better. Furthermore, the sturdiness of
    these filters also aids in protecting the lens.
  • Lenses hood: Are you tired of dealing with reflected flares and hotspots on your
    images? Then try a lens hood to block light that can mess up your image.
  • Remote control: Have an automated photography experience by owning a remote
    control for your DSLR.

Other accessories are also available like tripods, camera bags, lenses, covers, more filters, and
cleaning kits.

3) Responsive focusing ability 

This ability makes it a ton easier to capture descriptive and detailed imagery. In comparison to other digital cameras, the focusing response of DSLRs is much quicker, making it ideal for wildlife photography, event capturing, and other experiences.
If we compare a DSLR to a mirrorless camera, then we’d find that the speed of DSLR’s auto focus surpasses the speed of the mirrorless camera. But why is that? The answer lies the fact that DSLR’s use phase detection auto focus while the slower cameras have contrast-detection autofocus technology.

4) Low light photography

On manual mode, with the right combination of aperture settings and exposure time, you can do wonders in low light.
You wouldn’t need artificial lights to illuminate the area of concern because they’re in low light;
you can experience a whole new photographic world.
Here are a few tips you might want to consider before you step into the realm of low light photography:

  • Choose the right time: For landscape photography, it is crucial that you choose the right
    time. For instance, the astronomical twilight time right after the sunset is ideal for low
    light photography.
  • Use Tripod: Your camera mustn’t shake. Therefore, setting up a tripod is a must.
  • Go for shutter priority mode: It will allow you to select the ideal speed for the shutter.
  • Try long exposures: you can even capture stars using long exposure options.
  • Select the appropriate ISO: The setting varies with different models so, it is essential
    that you consider the right one for your camera.

5) They are reliable

Cameras bought from good brands have a negligible failure rate. You might need to invest money at first, but it will be worth it. They are resistant to malfunctions and more reliable than other types of cameras available in the

6) They have great Video quality

They do provide a matchless imaging experience, but we can’t ignore the amazing video capacity. It provides you the possibility of recording your surroundings in High definition quality.

So, now, you have enough reasons to rush and get yourself a DSLR camera.

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